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If the law report series is organised by volume number, the year in which the decision was handed down or often the year in which the case was reported is provided in round brackets. Author’s Surname, ‘Title’ n number of first citation pinpoint if different from first citation. Pinpoints are usually to pages, or pages and paragraphs. Visit our Privacy policy for more information. Law and Practice , vol 1 at Release 5. Author n number of first citation pinpoint if different from first citation. Health and wellbeing ChemWatch Checklists and forms Accident and hazard reporting.

Consecutive pinpoint references are separated by a dash. Where there is no full date, include as much as appears. Provide the publisher, the edition number other than the first edition and the year together in round brackets. If an article is available in both print and online formats, cite the print version. Where the full date is not provided, include as much of the full date as available.

The control order process undermines the fundamental principle that a person’s liberty should not be restricted unless there is a judicial finding of criminal guilt.

If an e-book is not available in print, then cite as you would other internet sources. However, it may be important to indicate where one source has referred to another.

Newspaper Article Newspaper Print friendly version of this section. Where reports contain multiple volumes, include the aaglc number in the pinpoint reference. The first listed source discussed the second source. General principles Cases Legislative materials Books and periodicals Government documents Other sources. Where available, the full date of the last update of the webpage should be included.


Law and Practicevol 1 at Release 5 [3.

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Provide the first page of the article. Footnotes All sources must be acknowledged in footnotes. A pinpoint reference would bibliographh be included where the article has pages or aaglc.

If a footnote is to the same work but to a different pinpoint reference, use ‘Ibid’ followed by the pinpoint reference. Hard copy Bjbliography date of chapter update, if provided. They can be used to back up an argument or to acknowledge a source that has contributed to an argument: Pages are indicated by the page number only do not use ‘p’ or ‘pg’.

If an article appears as a PDF portable document format or equivalent, include the page range of the PDF version, after the article identifier. Numbers that do not include a hyphen are references to page numbers. All sources must be acknowledged in footnotes. Author’s Surname, ‘Title’ n number of first citation pinpoint if different from first citation.

A URL may be added to aid retrieval. The first listed source is discussed in the second source.

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The original of all sources used should be consulted and cited. Order works alphabetically according to the family name of the first-listed author.

annotated bibliography aglc

For legislative materials, pinpoint references can also refer to parts, sections, clauses or divisions. Articles appearing in journals that are only available online should, to the extent possible, be cited the same way annotaged hard copy journal articles.


VU Home Library Guides. Note that in footnotes, biblioggraphy given name or initials appear first, followed by the family name. See examples below – other phrases could be used depending on the context.

Bills are cited in similar way to Acts, but the title is not italicised. The details required in order are: Refer to the page or paragraph number. Where the full URL is very long, and as long as the document can be easily located, you may provide the URL of the home page. Where there are works by authors with the same surname, the authors full name should be included to avoid ambiguity.

annotated bibliography aglc

Note that details provided in the bibliography are almost identical to details provided in alc footnotes, with the following exceptions:. References can be entered manually, or imported from sources such as the Library journals and databases, or Google Scholar. First Author et al, Title of Book publisher, edition number, year pinpoint.