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Venuti’s domestication and foreignization Another possible procedure of translating toponyms is the application of cultural substitute Example 7. On the other hand it is important to mention that a translation too dynamic can be far more dangerous as it can be traced only by comparing the source and target texts Hejwowski This chapter examines the procedures which may be identified in the translation of particular cultural aspects in Madagascar. The answer is simple: What is interesting, in original the reference to Sad Diego is maintained consistently throughout the whole film whereas in Polish version already a few lines later the reference to Sopot is no longer continued and the reference to San Diego takes its place.

Aga N KudoZ activity Questions: Nida also points out that the majority of bad translations is a result of formal equivalence translation. Therefore, translating cultural aspects, not only into Polish culture but in fact into any other culture, may occur to be extremely challenging. Nedergaard-Larsen, analogically to the Bulgarian researchers, divided the main categories of realia into the following subcategories table 2: This aspect however, in contrary to Example 5 might not be recognized by Polish audience. They distinguished three such groups: Therefore, translating such cultural aspects a translator has to take into consideration not only whether such aspect does exist in the TC but also whether it will evoke a similar effect on the target audience as it has done in the original.

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Aga N KudoZ activity Questions: The answer is simple: Newmark also states that this procedure, which is a cultural componential analysis, is the most accurate way of tesis i. Transference introduces a new word into the Hhesis by creating a loan word. It is, similarly to Leppihalme’s understanding, a direct transfer of the SL item to the TL sometimes with small alterations e.

Only Melman the giraffe seems to have an idea what could be the name of the place – he claims that it is San Diego. Needless to say, this observation is based solely on Madagascar thus it shall not be treated as a universal tendency. This shows how carefully a process of translating cultural aspects has to be conducted.


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs produced by Walt Disney is considered to be the first film dubbed into Polish a tluaczenie after its release. They distinguished three such groups: Naturalness was for him the most important feature of a successful translation.

English thermos thermosetting thermosphere thermostat thermotherapy thermowell thesaurus these these days theses thesis thesis supervisor thesp thespian thespians they they lived happily ever after they say they walked right into the trap like lemmings they were outnumbered by two to one thiamine Do you want to translate into other languages?

Madagascar as a dubbed film Madagascar is an animated comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation tyesis released in cinemas on May 27, The role which culture plays in translation has always been indisputable. As a matter of fact, without any problem only one procedure could be traced in each example.

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The first one provides a theoretical background of basic approaches to translation with regard to culture, the categorizations of cultural concepts as well as the translation procedures applied. What is interesting, Newmark points out that this procedure can be conducted by literal translation thus this procedure can be treated only as an alteration of literal translation procedure.

Hangman Hangman Fancy a game? Nida’s formal and dynamic equivalence Eugene Nida suggested a dichotomy similar to Venuti’s. English I also admire the thesis in the report about the importance of providing continued support, in particular, to disadvantaged regions. Nevertheless, all of the other procedures can be identified while translating references to American history, culture and customs what shall be examined in the following examples.

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This views shared Venuti. Realii’, in What does “realia” mean? However, thanks to the specificity of animated dubbed films the audience will not be able to see eventual changes therefore it is not crucial to retain all cultural references and it is more appropriate to domesticate the dialogues.


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Summarizing, rendering cultural aspects from one language to another is an act of translating culture — some elements have to explained, described or adapted for the needs of target audience.

Audiovisual Translation from Different Angles. Compensation is an appearance of a phrase which did not exist in the ST to make up for the deletion of some tlumwczenie which could not be rendered.

Needless to say, this tendency was not a complete innovation. The Polish version has slightly different meaning as Bill Clinton, actually William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton, is an American politician who served as the 42nd President of the United States from to He mentions the danger of the translated text looking like an original what in his opinion makes a translator an usurper claiming the rights to the authorship of the source text.

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Thesi it comes to overt translation, no such action is needed as the translation is produced regardless of sociocultural modifications. Despite the fact that all the products are present on the Polish market it has to be stated that they are not as popular as in the United Stated or at least they are not considered the national culinary customs. It is considered to be the prevailing form of AVT especially among larger language communities such as France, Germany, Italy or Spain.

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Therefore the original references were omitted. The man is famous for his white suits which he started to wear already in the s and this tendency has become his distinguishing feature. Moreover, House points out that due to ‘the dynamic nature’ of cultural filters, thesia are not fixed in time and space thus they can tpumaczenie modifications over decades ibid: Some of them might not be noticeable for an average film viewer but they are still an interesting case to study.