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Case studies are used in many professional education programs, primarily in business school, to present real-world situations XML, the eXtensible Markup Language, was originally created to annotate, or “mark up” text documents with semantic information. When there are multiple, generic connectors e. Subarchitectures occur when a component or connector has an internal architecture that is also described using constructs from the instance schema. Identifiers are assumed to be unique to a particular document. Another excellent international case study comes from bike manufacturer Triumph, which lost steam in its British home base three decades ago, The rest of the semantics for modeling architectural structure are basically the same as those for modeling instances.

There are many different kinds of case studies. For instance, Rapide focuses strongly on event-based communication between components and simulatable specifications, to the exclusion of other aspects of software architecture. In xADL, the constructs in the instance schema are used to define running instances of these things; that is, to provide a way to describe these constructs as part of a running software system, rather than a system design. For instance, the above component will be depicted as: So, a link may link a particular “in” interface instance on component instance A to a particular “out” interface instance on connector instance B. Case Studies; Posts tagged: The answer to this problem is to introduce a meta-language , a language for defining languages.

And as this case study shows, In xADL, the constructs in the instance schema are used to define running instances of these things; that is, to provide a way to describe these constructs as part of a running software system, rather than a system design. Because of this mapping, it is assumed that the dtudy signature and interface have the same interface type for reasons of consistency. In theory, the mapped interfaces are the “same” interface–that is, any data flowing in through the outer interface is passed to the inner interface, and vice-versa.


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case study on xadl

The outer component has two interfaces which are mapped to two interfaces on internal components. Case studies describing healthcare systems that have implemented care coordination activities are presented here.

xadl case study

For instance, the above component will be depicted as: An example of some marked up text in XML might be: Descriptions are intended to be human-readable identifiers of the described constructs. In the social sciences and life sciences, a case study is a research method involving an up-close, in-depth, and detailed examination of a subject of study the case However, when a language sample in XML is needed, it will be provided stripped of namespace information and other extraneous tags for clarity’s sake.

They do not necessarily have to be human-readable, although it helps if they are. They will investigate what actions caused the The constructs defined in the instance schema are: Sudy structure and types, Product families architectural versions, options, and variantsand Implementation mappings mappings from architecture types to their implementations.

xadl case study

For the purposes of this discussion, we make a distinction between architecture instances, which exist cade run-time, and structural elements, which exist at design-time. Modeling Architectural Structure The instances schema gives xADL the ability to model running instances of architectural constructs like components, connectors, interfaces, and links. Link instances should not be extended to add semantics on the links.

They are the “gateway” to the internals of the component or connector instance. Learn about the latest global customer case studies, videos, infographics, and other creative customer assets.


case study on xadl

The signatures in the component type T prescribe what types of interfaces must exist on a component of type T for that ln to properly be “of that type. Last updated January The obvious disadvantage is that this additional validity constraint must be verified by external tools, and cannot be verified solely by XML tools or by the structure of the language itself.

Case study as a research method – psyking. Freud case study all assignments on time!

case study on xadl

The xADL Type System In the software architecture community, the precise meaning and usage of types is still a hotly contested issue. The xADL constructs available for modeling architectural types are: There are many xxdl kinds of case studies.

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These mappings are given with Signature-Interface Mappingsanalogous to the InterfaceInstanceMappings described above for the instance schema. Elements of text are marked up using tags, or special strings, that delimit a section of text. If links had semantics, they would be connectors. Dashofy First Revision, April The XML relationships between these artifacts are shown in this diagram click to enlarge in new window: However, because of poor support for the XLink standard in terms of real tools, xADL document authors are advised to follow the following stud convention for specifying XMLLinks.