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Every system has its own internal set of codes. Analyze the data to get insights into how you can improve the relationships with these customers 7. In finance, a company is legally bound to create reports in certain ways. We think you have liked this presentation. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service.

CRM records information about customers like transactions, preferences, and even personal information. Registration Forgot your password? Determine the profitability of your customers 2. CIF requires data from a disparate set of databases, located in various parts of the enterprise containing data of varying ages collected from various sources and channels, and stored in a multitude of different architectures and platforms Ex: You miss out on the customization features of traditional enterprise applications, but you get Internet service functionality.

crm implementation failure at cigna corporation case study ppt

Develop a plan of action for each customer AND implement it L. Packaged Software and Enterprise Resource Planning. They could see themselves what information they could now cxse and how powerful it is. Health Care Insurance Countries: When you upgrade to the next version, there can be considerable cost in that as well.

Strategy and Sales Program Planning. In finance, a company is legally bound to create reports in certain ways. As a result, customer service went haywire resulting in millions of dissatisfied customers. Educate employees on the benefits of the CRM initiative Train them to use the tools to communicate with the users more effectively Rule of thumb: Dell has been doing both for 16 years.

Outline Harrah’s: A CRM Success Story Cigna HealthCare: A CRM Failure

NOT the gold cuff-linked limousine-riding high rollers that casinos fawned over many years Middle-aged and senior adults with discretionary time and income who enjoyed playing slot machines Did not stay in a hotel but visited a casino on the implementatjon home from work or on a weekend night out L.


Did we build any new rooms? Don’t expect productivity gains for months after the new platforms go live – Don’t make business decisions based on anticipated projected savings or gains. What gets measured and rewarded gets done!

The company was looking for ways to address the greatest problem we see in financial services: We determined that CRM is one of ciggna significant steps in solving cirporation critical business problem. Just as we are careful and meticulous in managing cash and negotiables, we have a duty and obligation to exercise a high degree of care with the data that is the basis for customer relations and decision-making.

Crm implementation failure at cigna corporation case study ppt – Hemaa

System crj live 3. At the same time, began laying off customer service reps as part of a planned consolidation of failuure primary and specialty service centers into 9 regional centers Rationale: Enable members to enroll, check the status of their claims and benefits, and choose from different health-plans — all online Unified View of Members to Customer Service Reps: I never let them take me on a tour of the building.

In CRM, there are absolutely no rules. Corporate politics was not too bad because no single business unit lost control of its data.


CRM Implementation Failure at Cigna Corporation|IT and Systems|Case Study|Case Studies

Create an integrated data base with metrics that matter about customers — Resist the degree customer view … results in too much data of too little consequence 5.

Age, gender, and distance from the casino were identified as critical predictors of frequency. We think you have liked this presentation.

crm implementation failure at cigna corporation case study ppt

Its systems, reserves of data and marketing-led culture will not be easy to replicate. The politics of competition within the company is a real obstacle to developing a common, shared CRM database. They upgrade every three months or so and you get the upgrade immediately … It can be very painful and expensive to upgrade on the traditional enterprise systems.

Once the concept was proved, we had pressure from stduy top to integrate other applications as well. Cigna was able to move additional members to the new IT systems without major incident Jan Mining the Value of Data: CIO of Cigna Corp. I never ask coorporation of those questions. Aim of the CRM plan: Gaining a Competitive Advantage.