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My apprehensions went out the window. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Lumosity is a commercial tool that aims to improve brain functioning. If you want a valid test, find a testing center and perform an IQ test: Because we had to figure out where to get off of the bus, we had already discussed the cross street once while we were planning our day, within an hour of when we were discussing it again.

I never scientifically measured outside of using Lumosity’s LPI computed after each daily training session. Your artical is easily to be read, and also, I learn some new words, like dementia and cognitive reverse. Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience, 8. It’s a very nice time for me to read this article. Answered Jul 3,

Just like exercise may keep our physical bodies stronger, our brains deserve a chance too. While the exercises are fun, every time I have had to interact with the company about a question, or to report an issue, the interaction always left me a bit disappointed and surprised that this company is the same one that produces tools to trains your brain. I started to play it again lumosiry after a year and halfand could tell the difference after 2 days.

My least favorite game is Tidal Treasures, which exercises working memory. General, 2 I did a little Internet digging, going where I always go first when researching a company: Answered Jun 21, Answered Dec 9, Answered Mar 13, No evidence of intelligence improvement after working memory training: They reported three relevant findings from their own validation study lummosity dual n -back working memory training: The theory use it or lose it, is not technically true as i have seen some very intelligent people’s lives destroyed because of alzheimer’s and dementia.


lumosity problem solving percentile

Go for a walk. I spent the ppercentile week getting introduced to the games, playing them one to three times at most. A few of these points may have found their way somewhere in between my ears, but the brain fog, lack of dedication and not knowing where to begin stopped me from taking any decisive actions.

Assessing my experience with Lumosity qualitatively? I worry for the same reasons you do, Rena.

lumosity problem solving percentile

A sample profile of scores might be:. The following summarises Table I lumosihy all of the time about my memory. Here are a few places to start!

In other words, how could the sample profile of scores be interpreted both absolutely and relative to other groups of people?

Is Lumosity a Lie? The Neuroscience Behind Brain Training Games

Thanks so much for your comment! In general, the target market for Lumosity’s product seems proble, be consumers. How bad is the Lumosity score? However, the Lumosity BPI appears to have little to no scientific validity as a cognitive training method for average consumers.


In general, I am sceptical of the potential for “brain training programs” to improve cognitive functioning in a generalised way e. There was an unpublished report I found by Cruz et al based on a small sample of young adults. Validity of the BPI: I never scientifically measured outside of using Lumosity’s LPI computed after each daily training session. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

10 Lessons From Lumosity

There is some variation between companies, but brain training games feature simple controls and design that allow the player to focus on a single cognitive skill such as memory, attention, processing speed, or problem solving. Do you mind if I ask what brain training tools you are using now?

The exercises that they have are not as simplistic as the ones in Lumosity, which is good and bad.

What would be my I.