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September Autophagy is a self-renewal process and in a non-dividing cell like cardiomyocytes, it is very important to maintain the cellular homeostasis. Sir Hans Krebs Award for Prof. The new TRAIN Project is specifically focusing on drugs that might limit the pathological heart growth caused by myocardial infarction or high blood pressure. The findings have been published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology and can be found here. The teams of this research project will work on next-generation ncRNA-based therapeutics by relying on emerging platform technologies based on the latest advances in viral i. Read more about Prof.

MHH researchers launching French-German network for improved therapy after myocardial infarction. This study paves a way for future miRNA based therapeutics for treatment of heart failure patients. Urinary miR as a mediator of acute T-cell mediated rejection in renal allograft recipients. As transforming growth factor TGF -beta is linked to abnormal vessel function and can mediate impairment of endothelial angiogenic responses we studied its effects on microRNAs expression and identified miRa-3p, along with other members of the miR family, to be strongly silenced. The JPM program is meant to give a tool box for the phase of transition to leadership position and the increasing amount of scientific management duties. Previous studies, however, were based on low patient numbers and could not assess the relation of microRNAs to clinical characteristics and their potential prognostic value. This year the publication of Dr.

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This success underlines the importance of her research focus regarding the investigation of inhibiting a pro-fibrotic miRNA as a new therapeutic strategy against chronic kidney disease. Cardior is currently developing non-coding RNA based assets and companion diagnostics. Cardior Pharmaceuticals is a privately held German biotech company pioneering the next generation of non-coding RNA based therapeutics in heart failure. Antagomir prevents heart failure in animal model.


This international research group will focus on the creation, calcification and morbid expansion of blood vessels. For further information about cooperations regarding the functional miRNA library platform please contact Prof. Inhibition of Chast in mice by molecules counteracting its activity prevented and attenuated the abnormal growth of the heart and improved the pump function.

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Cardiac aging is muh with reduced cardiac functional reserve, left ventricular hypertrophy, mild fibrosis and reduced endogenous cardiac protection. Research Stipendium for Dr. Based on the findings in murine model of myocardial infarction also larger animal studies are planned to further translate miR therapeutics into the clinics.

September New therapies for conditions such as cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure are needed and may be developed as a result of a better understanding of the tight regulation of gene transcription in heart muscle cells. Our group now identified that the small noncoding RNA microRNA miR is enriched in cardiac endothelial cells and considerably upregulated after cardiac ischemia.

MHH researchers launching French-German network for improved therapy after myocardial infarction. In vivo, pressure overload of the left ventricle led to increased expression of miR in sorted cardiac endothelial cells, which displayed molecular and phenotypic signs of EndMT Figure.

LSP Life Sciences Partners dissegtation a leading independent European investment firm, providing financing for private and public life-science companies.

Thum was asked and joined the Mh Board of the journal Circulation Research. Thum joins Imperial College London as visiting professor. The 2 years program will include different modules aiming to understand the finding, development and application of drug candidates.

Professor Thomas Thum and Dr. In this year, three MHH researchers were selected including Dr. After global miRNA profiling, a set of miRNAs was identified that was differentially regulated in patients with MS when compared with that of affected individuals by other neurological diseases.


Impaired wound healing is a major cause of lower extremity amputations in diabetic subjects. Details dizsertation this study can be found at http: The idea is that also the adult heart would regenerate if the correct switches are pushed.

Research groups from different European countries are working together in this project with the focus on technological innovations for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases CVDin particular heart failure and myocardial ischemia.

Last year, Celina Schauerte already received the award for the best poster fissertation of 2 nd year Disserttaion students.

mhh dissertation 2012

The first User Group Meeting provided a unique opportunity to meet experts and dkssertation topics mh to PV research – including calibration, surgical techniques, phenotyping of small and large animal cardiac disease models, and comparability across laboratories.

Publication highlights the protective role of Quaking in preventing doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity. In conclusion, miR upregulation in the aging heart contributed at least partly to accelerated cardiac fibroblast senescence and increased migratory activity. This study paves a way for future miRNA based therapeutics for treatment of heart failure patients. Participants of Drug Development Course MicroRNAs regulate epigenetic processes in vascular cells. This award highlights the potential of her research focused on the characterization of microRNAs working as regulators of mineralocorticoid receptor-induced cardiac remodeling.

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View this article on PubMed. This was observed by researchers about three years ago. For more information, please visit https: Urinary miR as a mediator of acute T-cell mediated rejection in renal allograft recipients.