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At the very least, it is expected Penang will continue to prosper with better access to federal funding, previously not available as an opposition State for instance, GST has been zerorised and motorcyclists no longer pay toll on the Penang bridge. Would you know the number to call to check on the status of my application? Based on the information that you have given to us, we have written the application letter for you. Seemingly complicated when written as a post like this, ultimately it will probably be the first new experience in what we hope is a new adventure as Experimental Expats. Additionally, the MM2H administration office currently indicates an average 2 week processing period for renewal requests. There is a high chance that if you were to use other types of investment, the Ministry might reject the documents and ask for new supporting documents.

This is just a “meet the visa requirement insurance” and the claims are negligible. Hope to meet you someday Best Rob and Diane. Pleased to hear that you are at the submission stage and I hope that the rest of the procedure goes smoothly. Thank you for all your offers of help, and we will gladly take you up on it. Based on the information that you have given to us, we have written the application letter for you.

mm2h cover letter

Buy Domestic pets are a source of pleasure and fun. The following documents are required to be submitted for financial exemption: From there, it is possible to cross check the requirements found at other sources.

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mm2h cover letter

Hi Indah Thanks for the good wishes. It takes about 10 days?

MM2H Application Forms – MM2H

Due to the abounding acceptability that. Planning on leaving North America in mid to late June, this should allow enough lead time. Since we will be processing it directly, can we leave this blank?

mm2h cover letter

You can keep the other copy. Fortunately, hot western social topics are still really controversial in East Asia. For online registration please go to http: Make sure that the photocopy is clear. I read some of the blog commentary online about how one applicant was having difficulty getting their US Bank to write an account verification letter.

Applying For MM2H

As you may have read in my posts, I am not an agent or an expert coveer filing MM2H which is why I recommended using an agent. We trust the above information has been helpful. Line of textbook lessons and trigonometry textbooks. For the initial application process the government ministry will require the applicant to show adequate financial strength.

I especially lefter the great food, the friendly, helpful people and the high standard of living. Does it allow the applicant to work? Having heard all arguments for and against using an agent, now that the time has come for filing, I can only offer our reasons for using an agent. In a nutshell, MM2H is a long term visa up to 10 years which allows the successful applicant, his spouse, children under 21 years and parents above 60 years multiple entry and exit from Malaysia.


Therefore, every time you incorrectly submit some required paperwork you should expect a minimum of one month additional delay. The Penang Transport Master Plan was recently announced along with plans to balance out the roads with greenery.

Red colour – Important statement! The letter which has published on the Yakutia’s site, at all is not my written m2h to covdr a match.

Mm2h application cover letter

All applicants who wish to apply to stay in Malaysia under the Malaysia My Second Home Programme must submit the following documents: Please print out 2 copies and sign.

One such attraction is our territorial tax system. You don’t have to send your own international insurance to us. If you need to change the contents, please inform us before changing it. The income requirement is a one time requirement only when filing the application so they will never ask about it once you have the MM2H.

Second Stage Conditional Approval: If there are 3 person above the age of 18 applying, then you have to print out 6 sets 2 sets for each applicant. We will provide you with a list of items required and forms to be filled in and signed.

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