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This behavior is to be noted in children as well. For example, being reprimanded by your boss can be a very humiliating experience beyond what they could possibly know. What are the Rewards for My Work?. A brief survey of operant behavior. Organizational behavior 11th ed.

Intermittent reinforcement is when a desired behavior is reinforced only occasionally when it is displayed. Remove – what individuals like when they have performed the undesired behavior Griggs, The teacher should also know the ways to identity the root of discipline problems in the classroom. After she pinches her teacher the spelling programme is removed. Despite the initial success that behaviorism enjoyed, some researchers believed that it ignored many important psychological phenomena. The remaining 17 employees that made up G2 viewed working hours that were flexible would be the best reinforcer.

The same type of punishments esswy be adhered to on all counts. Damaging a pair of trousers so you don’t have to wear them is an example of negative reinforcement. If a person is doing their job to the highest standard, they may not be monitored as closely anymore.

negative reinforcement essay study mode

If only a raise in pay were the reward in this situation, the lack of self-confidence would still be evident and an increase in productivity would not be present.

Desirable behaviors should be rewarded and undesirable behaviors should be punished Redmond, This can mean that you have to tailor it according to the individual.

Positive and Negative Reinforcements

Del Chiaro concludes that based on the data, “training supervisors in the use of positive verbal reinforcement esaay no negative effect on employee job satisfaction” p. These researchers turned to exploring only the behaviors that could be observed and measured, and away from the mysterious workings of the mind Funder, renforcement Another example involves Skinner and his students at Harvard University.


In educational settings the rewards can include food, verbal praise, or a preferred item rienforcement as a toy or a break on a swing.

While OB Mod can help to motivate a change in behavior within organizations, there are ethical concerns that need to be considered in the use of OB Mod in an organization. He placed a hungry rat into the box to see if the rat could figure out how to get to the food.

A reinforcement of a desired behavior occurs only after a specified number of actions have been performed ex: Positive and negative have similar connotations in the application of punishment. If a person negatlve doing their job to the highest standard, they may not be monitored as closely anymore. Remember me on this computer. A teacher should find the answers for these problems.

3. Reinforcement Theory – PSYCH Work Attitudes and Job Motivation – Confluence

While avoidance learning can serve to be effective in some cases, positive reinforcement is often preferred Miner, Retrieved September 10,from http: Reinforcement and its Role in Undesirable Behavior: Gitman and McDaniel provide an excellent example of how reinforcement may be used in the workplace. The reward system is a collection of brain rejnforcement which attempt to regulate and control behavior by inducing pleasurable effects. His supervisor informs him that, if he remains disruptive, he will not receive his yearly pay raise.


Journal of Personal and Social Psychology. They have reinforced their behaviors.

negative reinforcement essay study mode

It is easier to reinforce behavior that applies to a simple task because positive and negative behaviors are easier to keep track of and modify Redmond, Money and social recognition are better reinforcers than feedback for less complex tasks according to previous literature. Another example involves Skinner and his students at Harvard University. When the professor would wander off center, they acted disinterested and uninvolved.

Retrieved Setpember 10, from www. However the behavior that is being reinforced is reducing undesired behavior instead of actually trying to increase desirable behavior Waird, This allowed managers to specify desired behaviors and praise kode for their improvement and progress. The variable rate schedules tend to be more effective than fixed ratio schedules, because they generate a higher rate of response and resist extinction Redmond, All of the 40 employees were asked to list what would motivate them and make them feel comfortable in their work spot, which in turn would lead to an increase in their performance Raj et al.

The Puzzles of Motivation. OB Mod, like other behavior motivation techniques, possesses the potential for misuse Griffin, Moorehead, The Differences Between Reinforcement and Punishment.

negative reinforcement essay study mode