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Early Modern Period , Volume editor: A thesis covers a very specific subject, but there’s an art in presenting your discoveries on paper. As much as we want to help, keep in mind that the content of your thesis is something that only your promotor can decide. Get your text to the next step! New counseling initiative stimulates collective writing. An important aspect of Thesis Cafes is the regularity.

After deciding on the content of your thesis with your promotor, it can be difficult to get started. How to find a good subject for this important project? Gustaaf Cornelis and prof. We ask you to register every week in order to organise the session properly. What should you expect from a supervisor? If you feel like you could use some help regarding the following topics, don’t hesitate to participate!

We focus on authors that have shaped recent philosophy of science e. My latest research focuses in particular on the vis viva controversy and early hydrodynamics, ca. Meetings will take place on campus Etterbeek, every Wednesday from 2 PM to 5 PM during weeks 22 to 40 no meetings during weeks 29 and 30 – Easter Holidays.


You are tesis Home. How to find a good subject for this important project?

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Textbook of Palliative Care is available now. During the 15 minute breaks students can exchange ideas with each other or ask questions to a counselor or assistant over coffee or a piece of fruit. Gustaaf Cornelis and prof.

Guidance Study guidance Individual Workshops Contact. If you are worried about the quality of your writing in English, we can arrange for a tutor to help and proofread your paper.

thesis cafe vub

Later on, perhaps you would like some tips on what to do next or how to better structure it. Do you want some advice on your own thesis? Archive for History of Tgesis Sciences, 71, pp. Programme Course registration Apply for exemptions Learning path counselling Download grades Faculty administration Internship Bachelor or master thesis.

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Be on time because places are limited! More information via thesiscafe vub.

Our workshops offer a lot of advice on planning, researching and writing your thesis. Rudi Vranckx by Belga. What’s the next step? What can your supervisor expect from you? Dana Jalobeanu and Charles T.

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This workshop focuses on structuring a text and adopting an academic register. Early Modern PeriodVolume editor: I have reached C1 level as of June If you have problems in planning and writing your thesis, Study Guidance Centre is here to help. Step by step towards success An important aspect of Thesis Cafes is the regularity. It is not a lecture or seminar, but a social event aimed at motivating students to write, exchange ideas and offer feedback.


Bloomsbury Cultural History of Mathematics, Vol. Workshops are free for students at the VUB.

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In Eric Schliesser and Chris Smeenk eds. The first Thesis Cafe took place on October 19th and they will continue until December 7th. The purpose is to immediately assist students with general questions concerning research methodology, quoting references, academic language or statistics. Silvia’s fictions of Europe. Thinking of doing a PhD? Extra Language courses Entrepreneurship Start.