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Luckily Zespri is aware of this and is able to manage it effectively by ensuring growers use best technology and growing practices as well as investing in research in health and nutrition. The organisation provides a united grower-owned platform to deliver quality New Zealand-grown kiwifruit to the world. The main primary activities of Zespri include outbound logistics, marketing, and services, and the main support activities include technology development and company infrastructure. All of these traits that Zespri has are exploitable and will remain exploitable in the future. Demand and expenditure per capita is increasing around the world as people are incorporating kiwi fruit into their diet. Zespri has proprietary rights for the Gold variety, which allows them to produce gold kiwifruit in other countries. Cite View Details Educators Purchase.

Marketing is another primary activity that Zespri manages phenomenally, they are able to create market pull due to the strong brand name they have created. How about receiving a customized one? Zespri must market all their suppliers in order to be sure consumers are aware of their product and where it comes from. Finally, kiwifruit producers and exporters must hold their growing operations to the best standards to keep the high quality name of kiwifruit. Long-term, Zespri may be able to increase suppliers globally. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email.

In continuing both of these activities, the Sutdy brand will proceed to flourish in the market. The first major legal aspect is Zespei Group Limited which allocated shares to growers based on their production. The SCE project had to ensure that its outcomes were aligned to supporting business processes.

This will determine if there are any threats of new entrants or substitutions, the degree of buyer and supplier power, as well as the degree of rivalry. Growers were issued shares in the company based on their individual production and as their total output directly correlates with their standard of living. Zespri is consistently experiencing steady growth, and increased competition.


Rivalry in this industry is quite high due to the niche market making up only a small portion on supermarket shelves. Long-term, Zespri may be able to srudy suppliers globally. At the same time it was crucial to keep focused on the success of the SCE project outcomes.

Case study 3: Zespri

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Luckily both supplier power and the threat of new entrants solutioh quite low so at the moment these are not a concern. Finance Globalization Health Care. Their name brand allows them to set prices, rather than take them, and the brand creates value for the firm.

Recent research has proved that the kiwifruit is one of the most nutrient dense fruits.

zespri case study solution

In the future, Zespri will continue to benefit from this strategy since it allows them to have long lead times to adapt their kiwifruit. In doing so, Zespri will be sutdy to conduct market research on all levels of operations ranging from product assortment, marketing research, technological advancements, and supply chain logistics.

zespri case study solution

If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. The kiwi fruit industry has experienced price drops per tray before due to a tremendous increase in supply from world growers and de-regulation of the industry. Case Studies “We have really good insights on emerging patterns with time to implement countermeasures. They must invest largely in educating the consumer on the benefits of their kiwifruit in relation to that of their competitors.

Zespri has high growing standards but due to the ideal climate to grow kiwifruit in New Zealand there are a lot of suppliers, which means supplier power is low.

Sespri HBS Case Collection December Revised April Chicken Republic Jose Alvarez and Natalie Kindred Deji Akinyanju, founder of Nigerian fast-food chain Chicken Republic, and Ayo Oduntan, founder of an integrated Nigerian poultry operation Amo Byng Groupare among a growing cadre of skilled food-industry entrepreneurs for whom the opportunities to xespri the Nigerian market—a population of over million, including a large and growing middle class—outweigh the challenges of operating there.


This has also left Zespri well prepared for the next phase of its growth strategy. This is necessary since kiwifruit is a niche fruit that can be easily substituted for another fruit.

Zespri Case Study

Zespri is a conglomerate of growers in New Zealand and inherently reflects the livelihood and well being of the farmers. Business focus and functions. Te Kete Ipurangi Navigation: The economy in this situation is on the rise with demand increasing as well as overall expenditure on zespir fruit per capita.

Kiwi fruit supply in general is highly regulated and a largely exported commodity.

zespri case study solution

The Zespri brand was launched in following a decision by New Zealand growers to represent the high quality New Zealand kiwifruit under a unique brand to maximize the sales revenue for growers.

After the Zespri brand was launched inexports of Zespri Gold cse began the following year. Yet, Nigeria has all the natural blessings to be an agricultural powerhouse competitive on an international scale.

The name is known for quality and availability. Fonterra Other resources Sitemap You are here: They have done this by educating the consumers on their practices as well as investing fase in many different forms of advertising to ensure customers are aware of the brand.