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Under the pyramid scheme, commissions are earned from the mere act of recruiting more new members. One of the challenges he had to face with this new responsibility was insufficient resources, particularly in term of qualified and motivated staff. The remaining production process was done through contract manufacturing with the British, and subsequently American homeopathic manufacturers. They started the homeopathic family business in by establishing a homeopathic medical centre in Jitra, Kedah, and marketing herbal-based and homeopathic products which meet the Halalan Toyyiban effective, safe, pure and halal concept. The product has been in great demand since and has won the first prize under the Health Product Category for One District One Industry Showcase , organised by the Ministry of Entrepreneur and Co-operative Development. At the moment, Hai-O is the only company that is showing the pain with this pre-emptive move on new members.

Management plans to mitigate the effect by increasing the percentage of active distributors typically c. EEMSB hoped that the change to the new marketing plan would generate better corporate performance than in the past see the financial summary in Exhibit 4 , and at the same time provide business opportunities for members with little capital to earn attractive returns on their investments. Although Hai-O’s fundamentals remain largely unchanged, as recently as a few months ago, the company’s share price was flying high on a slew of positive reports, strong earnings and plans for breaking into new markets. Advice has been sought from similar community pubs, previous landlords and from supporting bodies such as the Plunkett Foundation, who are a well recognised and a supportive organisation that assist communities to set up and run co-operatives. I love the guy. Still, complaints about crews and taxidermist sales are plentiful online and now and then the sales pitches cross the legal line. We will hold a Share Offer launch meeting and invite all villagers to attend.

zhulian golden business plan

Additional Facilities As would be expected the very High priority focus was on providing a good pub facility with associated pub food. No one covers what is happening in our community better than we do.

The participants may not be given full liberty in buying but they are pressured to purchase selected goods packages to meet sales requirements to qualify them for position or bonus in the pyramid scheme. It sparked two decisions; first, he decided to be more careful in establishing new outlets, and second, he planned to have more round table discussions with the outlets instead of organising large impersonal training sessions.


Zhulian has established an extensive distribution of network for the marketing of products throughout the country and has expanded regionally.

Rewards and Incentives to Outlets Amount of purchase in a Amount of purchase Amount of purchases single invoice is at least in a single invoice is in a single invoice is RM2, between RM to up to RM On taking over the property we expect to undertake essential refurbishment of the property immediately, to make the necessary repairs to the roof, replace windows, and doors, to improve the toilets and kitchen facilities and we also need to make the upstairs accommodation attractive to any new tenant.

With regard to the incentives given by EEMSB, staff enjoyed free housing and meal allowances as regular monthly incentives, together with bonus when the monthly sales hit certain targets.

The company wants to ensure that the sales are the result of real supply and demand,” says an analyst. Hai-O could not be contacted for comment on its recruitment policies. A small group of villagers got together in the summer of and approached the Parish Council for support for acquiring the Golden Lion.

Inthe crews of two Miami Beach charter boats were prosecuted in a taxidermy scheme in Miami federal court. The Customer component could specify metrics for the number of new logos required, growth to the existing client base, and client satisfaction metrics.

Zhulian golden business plan

Ihsan needed an additional staff who is equipped with good personality and sound ethical values, able to travel if needed and IT-literate to help him manage the SC. Everyone who participates in the Olan marketing plan starts as a distributor at the first level. I love zzhulian guy. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Unlike the promotion standard applied to sales executive level which is solely based on accumulation of ZPV, promotion to the third level sales manager and above requires certain amount of ZPV and sufficient number of required downlines.

One of the challenges he had to face with this new responsibility was insufficient resources, particularly in term of qualified and motivated staff. Agents and distributors are not Zhulian employees.


Thus, MLM is sometimes also referred to as network marketing, structure marketing or multi level direct selling. This distribution system eliminates the need for middle persons in the distribution chain as products are delivered directly from Zhulian via independent distributors or agents to the end user and also eliminates the need for wide spread advertising. The purchasing power of the residents busiess that area was also high since many of them work in Singapore.

Zhulian golden business plan

In the MLM structure, the distributors generally focus on creating or sponsoring more distributors that form a chain down the line, known as downliners or sponsored distributors. Distributors who have progressed significantly within the Group are permitted to set up DC.

zhulian golden business plan

The inaugural product formulated by Dr. The meeting this time had included a streamlining of all operations so that a standardised implementation of activities can be fostered among the Agencies. The Zhulian Golden Business Guide provides a low cost of entry for those intending to start a business as 3 Based on the initial public offering IPO prospectus dated 3 April To inculcate staff loyalty, Umrah trip to the holy cities of Mekah and Madinah were awarded to staff who have served for more than five years.

Customers The pub will attract both villagers and visitors to the area.


Management plans to mitigate the effect by increasing the percentage of active distributors typically c. Some companies barely manage to survive, but both Zhulian and Amway have been in the business for decades. The sponsoring of new distributors creates multiple levels in the network marketing structure. Case 5 Case Era edar Group.

zhulian golden business plan

The unique strategy he used to educate outlets was through conducting round table discussions. The outlets were required to make zjulian minimum product purchase of RM2, per month.