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None of the forms hint at a ClientID. In this milestone enough information was provided to be able to quantify some but not all annual benefits. Some may provide general descriptions of problems while others may go to the extra effort of giving concrete examples. The current system does not accurately track configuration information, leading to wasted time for technicians and clients. Problem Statement Matrix Students should try to identify problems and also opportunities that were mentioned in the narrative. Also, make sure they specify proper objectives to correct the problems. Leads to wasted effort in the field, unbilled hours, and dissatisfied clients.

It is possible they might have identified different ones and have stated completely different values for each of the cells. This was drawn in Microsoft Visio. Evaluate their thought processes. System Constraint Configuration information should not be accessible from the Internet for security reasons. Causes and Effects Three-ring binder that holds information is disorganized and incomplete.

Scope Definition Solution Page: Students may combine some requirements; evaluate their thought processes in building the list. Would you track accounts payable? One approach could be the use of barcode scanning. The EquipmentComponent entity has ComponentNum as the primary key.

Systems Analysis & Design Methods, 7e

Because this does not apply to all records, a formal relationship would not have to be established. The real problem with adding purchase orders to CTTS is that it opens the door on accounting functions. Leads to wasted casf in the field, unbilled hours, and dissatisfied clients.


Causes and Effects Receptionist takes calls and route to technicians with phone transfer or e-mail. Foreign keys are marked with FK and a number. The current system does not accurately track configuration information, leading to wasted time for technicians and clients.

Case study CTTS milestone 09 application architecture

If system is not always online then need to replicate data between master database and copies. If client calls back, request can get duplicated and worked on by multiple technicians.

case study ctts - milestone 09

Some, but not all, of the configuration records could be associated with a piece of Mliestone. This, of course, is DFD style. A Client submits one or more ServiceRequests, which may related to a piece of Equipment. The primary keys are stufy on how the user uniquely identifies each entity. Pay careful attention to the classification. Configuration information will be very flexible to handle all the kinds of information that needs to be tracked.

If use barcode scanning, would have to change inventory check-in process. This could be the primary key.

Work done to resolve a SeviceRequest. Would allow technicians to see what other technicians had done. If not online, then need to replicate data between master and copy.

case study ctts - milestone 09

The Data Flow Model template found ctrs the Software category can produce one that is like the sample except that the square Interface symbol must be used instead of the Actor symbol. Stkdy should be easy to update in the field. None of the forms hint at a ClientID. This makes a one-to-one relationship.


There is also more than one wrong answer. System would allow technicians to record notes on work done on service requests.

case study ctts - milestone 09

Another alternative is to start with this data model for Milestone 5 but add additional requirements, such as the Milestone 4 Advanced Option and require that cttx revise the data model accordingly. The proposed system could provide a customer history that would allow for better service.

Would lead to better customer satisfaction. The following tables contain the attributes identified from each form and the interview. You might stress to the students that often user expectations are simply stated in terms of a new system that works!

But a long text field such as the millestone name would make a poor primary key for Client, consuming extra storage space, slowing down database operations, and probably requiring extra typing.