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To organize and control the flow of items, homework supplies are often kept secured in large plastic boxes that are brought out after school. For many school officials and librarians, the best communication occurs face-to-face at regularly scheduled events. This site uses cookies. In the small town of Northfield, Minnesota, for instance, the youth services librarians noticed that local kids had little to do after school. Friends groups and even school districts have been instrumental in providing computers to their local libraries.

Latchkey children—Services for—United States. Previous experience working with youth, either in a paid or voluntary capacity, is also highly desirable. Kids come in on their own or are brought in by their parents. Staff have also found that communication with math teachers is essential. This theme may incorporate a slogan and various visual clues, such as a logo or specific color palette. Assessment Factors According to former Bay Area Youth at Risk Project director and author Stan Weisner, there are three reasons for evaluating an after-school library program: Local area demographics and descriptions of existing youth services are basic bits of information available at most public 7 Needs Assessment libraries.

In conjunction with a local Boys Club and the federal Housing Authority, the library also oversees a separate homework center in a nearby low-income housing project. Reference service to students was curtailed or denied altogether; library use permits were required from teachers or parents or both; teenagers were limited to certain hours and areas of the library; and boys and girls in many towns were not allowed to use their local libraries on the same evenings. CDBG awards generally target low-income and blighted neighborhoods in dire need of improved local service.

This colorful site not only features pictures of kid participants, but also includes a description of the ASPIRE program, service hours, and a statement of intended audience i. Good partners to have in promoting all library programs are sibling city and county departments.


castroville library homework center

A clublike atmosphere is promoted through an application process that admits only those students who have demonstrated a commitment to schoolwork. To ensure that the new program is relevant to their needs, teen input was solicited through two focus groups and a survey.

They provide one on one tutoring to 7th through 12th graders who need help with mathematics. Homework assistance is also provided.

castroville library homework center

Yet, like everything else related to homework centers, no two sets of schedules are alike. When do kids have access to the library?

castroville library homework center

A more recent example of interdepartmental cooperation is the Homework Pals program, which, thanks to a partnership between the Monterey Public Library and the parks department, is offered in a recreation center as well as local schools. Website of the Fresno County Public Library.

Tutoring is not long term but rather focused on more immediate math problems. At the Sacramento Public Library, staff of the Cool Summer Homework Center offer contests and weekly programs to encourage visits to the library.

In fact, so gratifying was my experience that, when I left the city of Orange inI initiated plans to become a doctoral student in hopes of creating an instrument to measure the effectiveness of homework-assistance programs in public libraries.

McCreless Library Event Type s: This site uses cookies. Citing a study by the ALA Ad Hoc Committee on Instruction in the Use of Libraries, she noted that one of the greatest barriers to full public library service was the poor attitude of public librarians toward students.

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Various libraries use different methods of recruitment, including sponsoring announcements on the radio and television or in community calendars and agency newsletters. The teachers who participate in Teacher in the Library are motivated by a desire to see kids complete their homework and, therefore, succeed in school.

Are there other ways that the Public Library could assist you in completing assignments? Walter recommends calculating the homeworj of homework-center visits by the entire target population e.


Creating the Full-service Homework Center in Your Library – Cindy Mediavilla – Google Books

Elsewhere, educators have provided special math calculators for young patrons to use at the Allen County Public Library, Indiana, and a collection of K—12 textbooks to the Rolling Meadows Library in Illinois.

Because youngsters often need adult or peer attention to help keep them on castrovikle, true homework assistance cannot occur without a staff member or volunteers helping students complete their work. Students may approach staff, who will then refer the person to an available volunteer, or may go directly to the volunteer if no one else is waiting.

What was the situation?

How would you proceed? I am also most grateful to Professor Virginia Walter for encouraging me to continue my research on homework centers despite a cawtroville change in my doctoral emphasis. The Corvallis—Benton County Public Library, in Oregon, formed a student advisory council to help create a questionnaire to query students and teachers about homework needs.

Where else can students find the information they need when they need it?

Creating the Full-Service Homework Center in Your Library

What would you say or do? I am also indebted to the staff of all the libraries I visited—both virtually and in person—without whom this centr would not be possible: Initial training is often reinforced during refresher workshops held throughout the school year. Future teachers libeary play a critical role as homework facilitators.

In addition to federal funding, states and local governing bodies may also support public library homework efforts through various grant opportunities. At the Friendly Stop, T-shirts were awarded to students who regularly used the facility.