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Consistent Temperature Temperature is a major factor which affects the rate of reaction. However, the inhibitors are not permanently bound to the active site and so, when it leaves another molecule can take its place. A level Biology Coursework – Effect of substrate This is because a higher substrate concentration active site of all the enzyme molecule is busy with substrates. Each piece of apparatus has an apparatus error with an upper and lower limit. I also had to change the gas syringe because at first the reaction did not occur because a large volume of gas was leaking from a tear in the tube.

This investigation looks at the rate of oxygen production by the catalase in pureed potato as the Because higher concentration of enzyme means higher number of enzyme molecules, so that more enzyme molecule will collide with substrate molecule, therefore the reaction will take place faster. As the substrate and the inhibitor are not competry for the same site, an increase in substrate concentration does not decrease the effect of inhibitors. By Alford Ico Ico. This will result in a decreased volume of oxygen being produced as one of the by-products of this reaction. As the reaction progressing, the substance will be broken down slowly, therefore less substrate left.

For this reason, I will take peroxxide following safety precautions: These might cause unequal distribution of catalase which will directly impact the results. After foam has appeared on hydrogeen surface of the mixture, the height of foam was measured with a ruler from the surface of the mixture to the top of the foam in mm. As enzyme work best at a certain temperature, this is known as optimum temperature.

In human body, most enzyme work fastest at an optimum pH of about 7.

Size Gcse Coursework Biology Potato Catalase Hydrogen Peroxide

For a given [E]0 and low values of [S]0, the rate of product formation is proportional to [S]0. Some articles have Vimeo videos embedded in them.


This results in a bigger proportion of molecules having a kinetic energy greater than that of the activation energy. Action of the Enzyme Catalase. Grind the yeast into catwlase powder using a pestle and mortar.

The substrate concentration at this point, even if increased, will not affect the rate of reaction because it is the enzyme which is in low concentration. I am very certain that if we had more trials with broader percentage of catalase concentration, the results will agree with our second hypothesis as well.

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The curve will then level off, representing the point where most of the enzymes’ active sites are saturated.

catalase hydrogen peroxide coursework

Placed the supernatant liquid in mL beaker. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails.

Some of the teammates were datalase aware of the fact that they should measure the foam right after 2 min. No data is shared with Facebook unless you engage with this feature. The larger the volume of oxygen produced in the same period of time, the fast the reaction is taken place.

catalase hydrogen peroxide coursework

Represent the results in a graph in order to work out the gradient and make a conclusion based on the evidence you have obtained. In other words, since there were fewer molecules initially, this resulted in a lower probability that the molecules would collide. In this experiment, the enzyme concentration is an independent variable which I will vary the concentration of celery extract hydrogdn time to investigate how different concentration of celery extract enzyme concentration affect the rate of breaking down hydrogen peroxide.


A level Biology Coursework – Effect of substrate concentration on rate of activity Click to learn more https: For a given enzyme concentration and high concentration of substrate, the rate of product formation becomes independent of substrate concentration and reaches a maximum velocity known as: Because the volume of oxygen dissolved in the reaction is not constant for all reactions, and less oxygen is dissolved in water at higher courxework, this would have affected my results.

Effect of Substrate Concentration on the Rate of Activity of Catalase | Owlcation

Accessed May 23, Hopefully, with the new and repeated results, I will be able to analyse my results further and therefore evaluate them with more evidence than I had previously. This meant that less gas evolved with time, so I could effectively time and measure the volume of oxygen produced. I have explained this later on. So enzyme molecules freer, therefore products will be produced more slowly.

catalase hydrogen peroxide coursework

Firstly, there were limitations on the apparatus that I used. This shows that my results were relatively accurate for each individual concentration. IB Biology on decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide by enzyme Catalase and hydrogen peroxide coursework – cayalase.

However, if we continue increase the substrate keeping the enzyme concentration and volume the same.