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We conducted a cross sectional study in the affected village Kasegaon, District Sangli, with the objectives of studying the magnitude of the outbreak and of identifying the possible socio-environmental factors which are responsible for Chikungunya fever. The containers were examined for the presence of mosquito larvae and pupae by using a flash light. In another study, However, the virus was first isolated in in Tanzania from both man and mosquitoes during an epidemic of fever [ 3 ]. Chikungunya outbreaks in Andhra Pradesh, south India. As per our clinical criterion, all the fever cases with joint pain or arthralgia were considered as cases of Chikungunya fever unless they were proved otherwise.

A clinic-epidemiological study which was done on a Chikungunya outbreak in Maharashtra state, reported that only 8. Find articles by A. The name reflects the stooped appearance of the sufferers due to arthralgia [ 1 ]. Open in a separate window. The informed consents of the study subjects were obtained during the study. This study was done in the affected village Kasegaon, District Sangli. There were clinically suspected Chikungunya fever cases.

The informed consents of the study subjects were obtained during the study. In this study, more males were affected than females. Durgawale3 and A. Please review our privacy policy.

A similar rise in the cases was also witnessed by the nearby states, i. Paramethrin was sprayed in this area. The rashes are mostly of the pruriginous maculopapular type.


The symptomatic or supportive treatment basically comprises rest, the use of acetaminophen or paracetamol to relieve the fever and ibuprofen, naproxen or another non -steroidal anti -inflammatory agent NSAID to relieve the arthritic component. Jadhav, Mr Jamadar health assistants, and Mr.

chikungunya virus dissertation

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Epidemiological investigations of chikungunya epidemic at Barsi,Maharashtra state, India. The disease had manifested after an incubation period of diesertation range days.

A study of the outbreak of Chikungunya fever

Sincere thanks to post graduate students and field staff of the urban health training centre for their kind cooperation and team efforts in collecting the data. Three main laboratory tests are used for diagnosing the Chikungunya fever: Our sincere thanks to our Director of Health Sciences Dr. Among the total population of from houses which were surveyed in the village, there were clinically suspected Chikungunya fever cases.

The people were advised to attend the Primary Health Centre if they wanted, where free treatment was available. This was similar to that in the outbreak in Shrirampur town [ 9 ].

Find articles by A. The sources of the knowledge on Chikungunya, its transmission and the control measures for it were mainly paramedical workers and government fhikungunya [ 18 ]. Chikungunya, Health seeking behaviour, Vector, Joint pain. After 32 years, the state of Maharashtra experienced a large number of outbreaks of Chikungunya in the year cuikungunya However, in a study which was conducted in an urban field practice area of a private medical college of Chennai and in an outbreak at Vellore, south India more females were affected than males [ 1112 ].


Among the people in the affected area, We also studied the knowledge regarding the Chikungunya fever, its prevention and its control in the affected region. JM Just Vlak Co-promotor dr. Chikungunya is an arthropod born arboviral infection. So, dissertaton was a tendency among the people to store the water for longer periods of time.

PhD thesis defence Stefan Metz: “Chikungunya virus-like partcle vaccine” – WUR

Twitter Whatsapp Linkedin Email. Maculopapular rashes can sometimes be accompanied by petechiae [ 1 ]. The preventive measures at the individual level included the use of mosquito repellents like coils, mats, body creams, mosquito nets, etc.

chikungunya virus dissertation

A multipurpose worker from the Primary Health Centre accompanied us, who distributed paracetamol tablets to those who needed them, as per the doses which were prescribed. Indian J Public Health. Age groups Sex Male No.

chikungunya virus dissertation

A clinic-epidemiological study which was done on a Chikungunya outbreak in Maharashtra state, reported that only 8.