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The purpose of this research was to determine the best type of query to lead to a high-ranking website containing the required abstract when searching for academic publications. Cited by Google Similars in Google. While continuous assessment was observed throughout the five modules as described above, this study reports on statistics on student attendance, the pass and failure rate, and the summative assessment. Hands-on training was offered which afforded students opportunities to explore and experiment on their own. These can be described as disruptive technologies that will have

Qualitative techniques employed interview questions that were prepared by librarians and sent to lecturers to respond to during the focus group session. One will embed all hyperlinks in text-phrases only, while the other will use graphic images of buttons, arrows and other navigational aids for hypertext links. The webpage designer should exercise care in choosing a navigation scheme. Information literacy as a field is well researched and documented. A period of two months will be allowed to ensure that spiders will have had enough time to visit and index both sites. The inclusive nature of the CIL enabled the fostering of successful collaboration. Services on Demand Article.

This however is not necessarily a negative element, as PPC can have a positive impact on search results.

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The patterns were different for journal articles, conference papers, books and theses. The purpose of the study was to demonstrate to what degree cloud computing could improve Project Communications Management and in so doing improve overall project success. It is believed that this research project will provide website designers with guidance on achieving that balance. According to this empirical work, usability is in contradiction to search engine optimisation best practices. It also evaluated the collaboration between the library and lecturers, and cpuh librarians and dput evaluated the programme.


Results seem to indicate that very few South African based websites have both visibility and usability elements implemented on the same web page. This research aimed at finding the best way to allocate a marketing budget across tormat two platforms.

The Internet offers large volumes of data to the user. Commercial websites need to rank well on search engines to ensure a high degree of forma. Search Engine Optimisation and Website Visibility.

It is expected that these results will play a positive role in supporting the strong trend towards mobile rather than desk-bound computer and application usage. An empirical study has been done to determine the extent to which South African youth formst making use of MXit, and its effect on them.

Lecturers are able to provide evidence that students have learnt new IL skills, therefore their thesos is important for librarians. This could be linked to student performance. The primary objective of this research project was to investigate and report on the importance of keywords as a ranking factor for e-Commerce websites.

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The results of the three research articles have been combined and articulated to design this model, which should allow any digital marketer to plan a marketing strategy in a way that will, for a specific situation, reduce costs and increase yield. Searches were done, using three types of query for each one of these documents.

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The CIL was developed from existing IL standards, guidelines, frameworks, and specially prepared multiple-choice questions to assess the IL skills of students. Young consumers, especially students, form a very important social and economical category of the population and this should flrmat considered while running online businesses.


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As a result, it might not reap the maximum benefit possible in terms of Internet exposure, and to a lesser extent of providing a satisfying user experience. Librarians acceded to the lecturers’ requests due to concern for the students’ lack of IL skills. The most important recommendations were: The content on all websites will be identical and will be submitted to major local and international search engines. Without the focus group session, meaningful dialogue would not have materialised.

The primary conclusion reached is that navigation architecture used on a website does impact its visibility to a search engine crawler.

In this research project an empirical study was done on the application of ethical SEO Search Engine Optimization techniques to a website www. The three arenas of information literacy assessment. The visibility of a Web page plays a role in attracting potential clients, The methods employed in this project include a full literature review on SEO, as well as an evaluation of the Chambers model.

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At the same time, recent developments in the search engine world have driven marketers to find alternative funding sources. However, no empirical evidence could be found in the literature of a study that summarized the foramt of such a strategy, or one which provided a pilot study with a proposed solution to this problem.

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A pilot study on PPC schemes and their effect on search engine revenue [] more. Mobile Applications and Mobile Accessibility.

If librarians work collaboratively with lecturers, they would discover lecturers’ understanding of IL Mar-Rounds