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Enjoy the journey to this river Neelam, Mountains covered with lush green trees and high slopes of mountains creates an eye catching view. Three kilometer down the road from Ayubia is old summer resort of Khanspur. Rhesus Monkeys wait to be fed by curious tourists who may have arrived from busy urban areas and have never seen wildlife so close and taking food from them. Beautiful Daisies dance and swing to greet the hiker and sets the romantic charm, specially in the rainy weather with hide and seek of the scenery is all around you. June and Ju ly is the peak tourist sea son in Murree.

All nature seemed to be awakened, as it were, by a magician’s touch. Results 1 to 1 of 1. I had never seen anything so beautiful. View of Nathiagali and neighbouring area is magnificent from here. They refresh our mind and increase our capacity for work. The time now is With the advent of September autumn creeps in and last till the starts of winter in early December.

Weather plays an important part in life and economy of Murree. We repeated the above pleasures for a few days more.

essay a visit to a hill station murree

Visiting Ayubia was another memorable experience. How about make it original? In the dim light, I had a romantic desire to stay in the hills forever. From Ayubia visitors returns to Murree-Nathiagali Road and climb further for about three mile s and then jumps in view Dunga Gali. Murree is One of the most visiting hill station of Pakistan. At last we stahion to the Kashmir Point, a beautiful spot of viist with a very lovely view.


essay a visit to a hill station murree

Your email address will not be published. We stayed there till 5 pm.

essay a visit to a hill station murree

On a clear day, may be seen the towering heights of the Nanga Parbat, with all its snow-crowed majesty. Accessed May 22, We had our meal and then slept. The most centrally placed and the most well known of the Galis is Nathiagali. Changlagali is the highest point in the Murree Galliat area which is accessible by road.

June 16, at The cool fresh air relaxed us and cooled our mind. The sun rose in its full glory, investing the trees, flowers, hills, birds and beasts with a golden light. When it was dawn, the rain stopped.

It was a fine cool and pleasing day. Hi,l stayed there for three days. Summer spans from may to end of August. September 19, at 1: Nathiagali is situated at equidistance of 35 kilometers from Murree as well as Abbottabad at an attitude of feet. Maximum temperature during this period hovers between twelve to twenty and minimum between four and ten.

They started cooking breakfast.

A Visit To A Hill Station

You can enjoy a lot there. Some wanted to go to Kaghan and Northern Areas.


At Dunga Gali a huge circular and open to the sky water tank of strong steel sheets was built, having a diameter of about 30 meters and a height of about 10 meters. It was almost mid of July when we all cousins left for Murree. Vist photographs will keep this trip ever fresh in our minds in future.

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Many rare animals can be found in Murree. O where are the joys of yore past time As dejected sit l in the shadows Of tall structures raised by man Never forgetful of the charms and glories of what was Nature. Murree has a variety of handicraft shops selling curios for the tourist to remind them of their visit to this hill station. However, soon the horses were running fast and we were in control.

Changla Gali is one of the smaller resorts, most people preferring to stay at either Nathiagali or Murree. This second track available to go to Mushkpuri.