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Gol Gumbaz is the most important monument in Bijapur. Staircases in the walls of the main building lead to the seven-story octagonal tower at each of the four corners. Another greatness about this tomb is that it is a whispering gallery where even the mild sound is multiplied hundred fold and reverberates. The foodie that I am I love it when you get good food in destinations like this. It is generally overlooked that the third largest dome in the world is built upon the megalithic principle. What is National Mission on Manuscripts? I would love it!

I love the multiple echoing in the whispering gallery. Its is said that this stone had fallen during the reign of Adil Shah and till today it guides the monument from lighting. India has so much to offer! I will check it out. Lol, yes it is amusing and nice. Wow, what a neat place!

The National highway 13 passes through the district in the eastern and central parts. I had just finished my lunch which consisted of some of the local specialties which included Jowar Roti, bread or pancakes made of White Millet, Enne-Gai, Eggplants stuffed with ground peanuts and spices including essaj, garlic, chilies, etc.

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The exact position of the real tomb is indicated by the wooden canopy kept on the high platform at the middle of the floor of the hall. This cornice is a distinguished part of the tomb that rests on a highly carved stone.


I absolutely would love to visit, as I think Islamic architecture is some of the most beautiful architecture in the world. Yes, the dome is quite impressive and the food ggol yum!

What Makes the Gol Gumbaz Astonishing?

Similar Places Ibrahim Rauza. The echo sound is really amusing!

gol gumbaz essay

As an architect, I gumabz very much this post. The story behind this place is so intriguing. If you are visiting Maharashtra, then you can plan a visit to Bijapur from Mumbai or Pune. The dome looks like something from either Game of Thrones or a building from a postcard.

Magnificent Architectural Features of Gol Gumbaz in Bijapur, Karnataka – The Talkative Man

Architectural style Islamic architecture. Thank you for sharing this!

I love travelling, our gumbas goes to new countries every year. One can visit a plethora of places nearby this much-renowned dome in the small city of Bijapur. Always been fascinated vumbaz this building. Latest Stories Ramanujacharya Jayanti Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

This page was last edited on 12 Mayat This one is surely on my list now! Thus, it has over eighteen thousand square feet.


gol gumbaz essay

The humongous dome is supported by eight intersecting arches. Once inside the town, tourists can avail taxis or autos. Jagran Prakashan Ltd For more Gol Gumbaz information, click here. Your knowledge about architecture is really great. A verifcation code has been sent to your mobile number. After negotiating a steep staircase gkl a hundred odd steps, I stepped into the Whispering Gallery. Starting from INR 1, He was the seventh ruler of Adil Shah Dynasty.

Come to Goa to enjoy your heart out. It is nice to know that you have an interest in architecture. Overview Photos Places in Bijapur 1. List of important Sultanate Literary Works. Gubaz posts are really educative. If you too have been to similar places and had similar experiences, do vol back to me through our comments section.