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This course will discuss methods of finding optimal solutions to real-world problems at some given constraints. This course gives an introduction to cybernetic engineering. The course examines the development of ideas and how these are translated into opportunities and eventually businesses; it challenges the students to go through the process of writing a business plan, which will be their final output in this course. It comprises the fairly recent areas of evoluationary computing, fuzzy computing, neuro-computing, as well as some related machine learning processes. The course covers the basics of broadcast engineering and progresses to the latest technologies related to broadcast engineering. Class examples and demos will be implemented using the open-source Tensorflow TF machine learning library and sample mobile applications will be developed in Android platform.

Electronics Major This course is handled by local or foreign visiting professors or distinguished industry practitioners specializing in Electronics. This course is aimed to provide the first part of the introductory robotics knowledge for graduate students in Engineering. ECEM Advanced Electromagnetic Theory Major To make a study of wave phenomenon and detailed treatment of transmission, reflection and refraction of plane waves. ECEM Image Processing Fundamentals Major Despite the abundance of images in the modern world, many of the problems with images persist to this very day. This course tackles the foundations of compressive sensing and the underlying sparse representations of signals. Mathematics of robot manipulation and manipulator modeling are discussed.

This course advances the student to the application of fraction order calculus to control systems. This course advances the students to the application of fraction order calculus to control systems. Foundation Courses required 12 units for M.

The course will also cover the study and comparison of various working fluids such as laallian, ammonia-water mixtures and organic fluids used in geothermal power generation.

Electronics & Communications Engineering Department

MOS transistor models, MOS single-transistor amplifier, differential pair, current mirrors, output transcoductance amplifier, active and switched capacitor filters, noise considerations, frequency cosiderations, and temperature stability. This course discusses the theories regarding linear systems.


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COEM Techpreneurship This course takes the participant through entrepreneurship in technology ventures, which is about commercializing technology ideas into viable enterprises.

The students are required to do research activities on topics concern. It covers the fundamental theory involved and gives detailed design examples involving both software and system optimization.

This course is supplemented by circuit and mathematical simulations using Matlab and design projects.

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The concept of stalling and forwarding will be used to deal with conflicting operands arising from consecutive instructions. Power plant economics and environmental impacts will also be covered.

ECEM Radio Wave Propagation and Antenna Major This course covers topics on Propagation at different frequencies; Transmission path Loss; rain attenuation; multipath fading; and analysis and design of antenna systems. Covers topics on Robotics applications to Industries, Software and hardware design of lasallia robots, Manufacturing and process automation, Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems, Programmable logic controllers concepts and applications.

This course introduces lasallisn students to the concept of semi-custom digital IC design. Major Analysis and design of systems employing electronic feedback controls; transducers. ECEM Genetic Algorithm Major This course aims to educate students about the concepts and uses of genetic algorithm in search, optimization, and machine learning. It deals with multi-processing and multi-programming; high level computer language array and different computer networks.

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This course is intended for Ph. This course covers topics in Protocols and basic Principles, multiplexing and design of communication networks, and hierarchical structure.

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It includes topics such as components integrated in MOS, basic lay outing rules, differential amplifier, current sources techniques, operational amplifiers, analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters.

Studies on actual derivation of equations describing the dynamics of the systems are discussed in order to model the real physical system. The course presents both theory and applications to motivate the understanding by providing real-world useful applications of Artificial Intelligence techniques. Grsduation subject helps graduate students understand the theoretical and practical aspects of wireless communication speecn.


The topic will cover linear optimization and non-linear constrained optimization.

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It deals with Waveguides Cavity resonators; Speech and active microwave devices; Sparameters and circuit models of active devices; Transformers and coupler; and Mircowave filters. Basic This course is intended for Ph. The course will focus on conventional power generation technology, i. Computational Intelligence reflects the essential role of building Intelligent Systems.

In particular, we look at the image acquisition process, image fusion techniques, resizing and enhancement, as well as HDR imaging. ECEM Advanced DSP and Filter Design Major This course deals with advanced analysis, design, and realization of digital filters; Fourier Transform algorithm implementations, finite wordlength arithmetic, fixed point implementation, limit cycles, noise shaping, decimation and interpolation, multi-rate filter design, Hilbert transformers, analytic signal generation, and basic adaptive filtering.

The course provides a focal point for the creators and doers of technology to examine critically and reflect upon the social influences of technology. D This course begins with a brief review of practical machine learning methodology and the fast-growing field of deep learning.

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Physical aspects of semiconductors vjdeo be presented, followed by: This course covers topics on Number system and codes, Boolean algebra, combinational circuit minimization sequential circuit analysis and synthesis, and sequential circuit state minimization.

To tackle these problems, we look into the underlying properties of images and the ways of representing images. ECEM Power Electronics Major This course provides ECE graduate students an understanding of the application of power semiconductor components and devices to power system problems; power control, conditioning, processing and switching.