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A clearance by the Dissertation Support Office is required to ensure that Pepperdine University format requirements and APA style guidelines have been maintained. Find out how students bring their hard work to fruition and complete the graduation process at GSEP. The suggested submission deadline is six 6 weeks prior to the end of the term in which the degree is posted. A table of contents can be created automatically. Writing and dissertation support is one of the most important student services we provide. A printed manuscript is required by the University.

Newsroom Events Locations Community. After obtaining approval of a dissertation proposal through the Preliminary Oral Defense process the student implements the methods, produces results, and identifies conclusions and recommendations. Once the Manager of Writing Support has confirmed that all necessary forms and the dissertation versions are received, the student will receive an initial contact email outlining the process for APA Format Review. This page includes the title of your paper, your name, the name of your institution, the manuscript page header, and the running head. The actual chapter titles will vary depending upon the context of their work. Acceptable projects include, but are not limited to: All type should be set flush with the left margin, creating an uneven right margin NOT justified.

The clinical dissertation provides an opportunity to investigate a clinically relevant topic and meaningfully contribute to the evidence base informing professional practice. The paper should be double-spaced throughout, including the title page, abstract, and body of the document; references, appendixes, and tables.

gsep dissertation support

Connect with fellow students beyond the classroom through groups that facilitate greater personal, academic, and cultural connection. The dissertation chair is responsible for ensuring that the proposal is free of plagiarism. Preparing dissertatiob Final Draft Jared Peet. Pepperdine Community Emergency Information.


A CV or professional resume of the community member must accompany the request for approval of the committee. Published by Brice Bridges Modified over 3 years ago.

gsep dissertation support

When the student wishes to formally register in units, Form A1 is filed which requires the signature of the Faculty member who will serve as the chairperson and also approval by the Academic Program Director. In cases of matching text, students will have the opportunity to correct and resubmit their proposals through TurnItIn as needed.

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Student Groups and Professional Networks. Students are given extensive support throughout the dissertation development process. Writing Support Center Writing and dissertation support is one of the most important student services we provide.

Numerous structures for dissertations are acceptable. The committee members will sign Form P2 – Preliminary Oral Exam Completion which indicates the outcome of the preliminary oral presentation. One member could be an individual from the community who can provide special expertise in content or methods.

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Following the oral presentation, a copy of the proposal and Form P2 are maintained on file with the Associate Program Director. The suggested submission deadline is six 6 weeks prior to the end of the term in which the degree is posted.

Whatever methods are selected, conceptual support through review of the related literature is necessary. Work on the dissertation commences in the first year and aims for completion by the third or diswertation year. Two other faculty members comprise the Dissertation Committee. An essential feature of a university-based doctoral program is a commitment to scholarship.


The dissertation is a scholarly work conducted independently by the student, under the direction of a full-time Dissertaion faculty member.

The Dissertation Process

Share buttons are a little bit lower. A well- formatted title page can set the tone for your entire paper. The student’s chair and committee members will provide guidance during proposal preparation. Writing and dissertation support is one of the most important student services we provide.

Two weeks are required from submission of manuscript and forms until actual Final Oral Defense.

gsep dissertation support

Pepperdine Community Emergency Information. Student Services We are committed to empowering, encouraging, and educating you for high achievement during your time at GSEP, and beyond. There are four possible decision outcomes: When the candidate has obtained the approvals and signatures of the committee members, all doctoral candidates must submit their dissertations to the Dissertation Support Office for APA format review.

The dissertatipn dissertation is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their ability to bridge theory and practice through research or evaluation.

The intent of the examination is to demonstrate that the candidate has obtained the degree of scholarly advancement which permits them to be recommended to the University for the Doctorate. The degree will be posted in the term that all requirements have been completed at the following times: