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The Wondrous Workshop of Toymaker Tixx. It is currently not possible to heal other players. Repeatable achievements for Halloween activities; resets and changes each day. Participating in the events of The Origins of Madness. Players will be under a hidden transform effect, effectively making all skills inaccessible except for the ones given inside the box.

Each completion of a zone will reward a Bonus Reward Chest that is awarded at the end of the timer for transition:. Edge of the Mists. Each Glorious Chest contains:. Players also get achievement rewards for obtaining enough achievement points for the tier. Skritt Burglars are also a reference to this, by proxy of being a reference to Treasure Goblins in Diablo 3.

Finding Sunken Chests all over Central Tyria. Participating in the Halloween events of Shadow of the Mad King in No longer obtainable achievements, previously available in the General or Competitive achievement groups. The player cannot change, equip, or remove equipment while in the box. This zone contains various references to Ninja Gaidenincluding the music. To get into the jail, just slide or griffon down one of the sides of the Rata Sum cube and when you get under the cube, you will be teleported to the jail.

Daily Super Adventure Festival

Completing story wchievement and challenges in Echoes of the Past. Participating in the events of Queen’s Jubilee. Dulfy 6 Comments Mar 28, Completing fractals in Fractals of the Mists ; resets and changes each day. Completing Wintersday tasks for the Winter’s Presence Skin. Current equipment and traits will have no effect on the character. King Toad’s weapons and Storm Wizard’s Weapons.


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The categories may need some revision. If a player loses all their hearts, they lose a life and are moved back to the last known checkpoint with maximum hearts. Once the limit is reached, or before that, one can exit the SAB and convert their baubles to Bauble Bubbles ccoursework Moto at the rate of baubles for 1 bubble.

All players start off on equal ground: The pyramid of alternating light panels in Storm Top.

A reference to Thwomp from Super Mario Bros. Meta achievements act as an umbrella achievement for the achievement category, requiring other achievements in the category to be completed. Super Adventure Festival achievement which requires you to complete 3 of the daily Super Adventure Box achievements 8 times for each completion of Course Load.

Collecting various items for equipment based around elite specializations and revenants. Unlocking and mastering of revenant ‘s core and every profession ‘s Heart of Thorns elite specializations. Small tasks in Ember Bay ; resets and changes each day.


Playing the Spirit Watch map in structured PvP. Lord Vanquish has kidnapped the Princess! Knight of the Thorn. Is there a new infusion? The yellow bar represents the character’s enduranceor ability to dodge in order to evade attacks in the SAB Super Adventure Box similarly to the rest of the game.

Added a new race to the Hub.

Super Adventure Box

When a character completes achiveement achievement they will occasionally shout out one of the following lines, depending on their race and gender. A Link to the Past where killing chickens or “cuccos” is a bad idea.

gw2 coursework achievement

World versus World daily achievements fall into two categories: Achievements that have been completed are removed from achieveement watchlist automatically. The number shown is that of the baubles that are in the player character’s inventory, excluding any which may be in their vault or on other characters.

gw2 coursework achievement

The Origins of Madness.