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In areas where the barangay cap- tain is unsupportive of the informal settlers, it is very difficult to implement any improvements for the ISFs living situation. Main- taining the communal social capital Maintain Work with government agencies, collabo- rate with UPA. The waterways of Manila have in the past functioned as a nat- ural buffer to the region during typhoon seasons by draining out any excess water. However, since the PPHI is a communal project, it is difficult to distinguish between personal and communal interest within the community, therefore, only communal social capital actions will be used for the analysis, in its bonded and bridged form, as shown in Table 4. As a non- profit organization, AFI presumably gets their spots for free which would have cost millions of pesos. Unplanned growth of the region inevitably caused the failure of sanitary and environmental infrastructures to catch up.

Many agencies in the past have failed to effect substantial improvements on the quality of the water environment in Metro Manila mainly due to ineffective institutional arrangements and high-level political support needed coordinate multi-stakeholder support. Instead, efforts should be focused on increasing formal employment and raising incomes by supporting development in local industries, in both the rural and urban sector, in order to alleviate poverty and impede migration to the capital. Past efforts to rehabilitate Pasig river were unsuccessful because they failed to take into account the larger context of the urban environment of which Pasig river is a part. Prospects for a new concept. Follow line of procedures Bridged Gain Forming urban poor federation. In fact, there are even speculations in the community that the chair of the PRRC is responsible for setting the community on fire in order to have the ISFs removed Interview However the following are the projected benefits of the project in 20 years PRRC

Deterioration of Water Ways: How about make it original?


ilog pasig case study

The rationale behind choosing a single case study is based on the uniqueness of the case of Legarda Yin, By being seen as eye-sores, the community express that they, especially in the past, have been treated with neglect and had a hard time claiming their rights Interview Here in the Philippines we call it sayang [waste of time].

The forms of capital. The project also enlisted the cooperation of cae private sectors notably the water concessionaires Manila Water Company, Inc. By shifting the focus from traditional notions of financial capital, I will analyse the courses of action taken by the ISFs as a community through a social capital lens. Skip to main content.

As I indicated in Sec- tion 6.

You can choose whether you want to be anonymous or not. Secure and safe settlements for all: I am here because I want to write a thesis for my Master of Science in Global Studies about how regulations due to climate change effects and Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction Management directly affect the people living in one of the areas directly affected by these regulations.

Each interview was voice recorded and went on for approximately forty minutes5.

ilog pasig case study

Carola Betzold Word Count: In summary, these are government measures to save Pasig River from ilig. How long have you lived here? The saving scheme work as a collective fund where a family can borrow money to pay the rent in case of financial emergency once the families move in to the apartments of the PPHI.

Urban River Rehabilitation and Flood Control: Case Study of the Pasig River System

Even though my education in global studies and social anthropology has given me a general knowledge about the region, a lot of effort during my initial time in the Philippines was focused on understanding the political and social aspects of the country, and gaining first hand experience of living in the NCR. During my visits in the field, the respondents often emphasized how happy they are in their community: However, since this research is an in-depth single case study, these generalisations will not be made.


Finally, despite efforts to align the initiatives of KBPIP with the plans of the local and national government agencies, KBPIP remains an ad-hoc program without root from an integrative urban restoration master plan.

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The Pasig River Essay

Towards an inclusive urban planning and practice. But as one UPA contact pointed out: Bringing a Dying Ecosystem Back to Life.

Challenges, approaches and institutionalization. Case Study of Metro Manila. My in- terpretation is that the community of Legarda does not perceive the PRRC as purely benevolent. As with many old cities all over the world, water is a key defining characteristic of Manila.

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My respondents explained to me that the reason for the failure to procure the land is due to the slow processing of the klog, the fact that UPA is not allowed to be involved in purchases of land, and that the government pasiig buys land at zonal value and not at market value. As I have shown in my literature review, the current strategies to hazard mitigation focus on top-down adaptation strate- gies that give priority to expert driven solutions.

International Conference on Water Management Modeling.

Urban Poor Asso- ciates. Planning for internal migration: