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We’ll contact you shortly. While for bigger players, the distribution and advertising costs eats into the profit margins, for smaller players, it is the volumes that matter. Some players like Mumbai-based Space Dotz are also coming up with newer technology. These data are less reliable compared to primary data because these data may be obsolete with the passing of time and may have bias information. Rate on a scale of 1 to 5, 1: Whereas, Offers are most significant rank given by consumers.

Oct 28, The company is one Type BSE: However, there are several challenges to this business as well. Frequency of purchasing Havmor Ice- cream 60 50 40 30 Frequency 20 10 0 More than once On a special Once a week Once a month a week occasion Frequency 48 33 10 9 Interpretation: Jun 24, Improvement in the field 38 13 Table Rate on a scale of 1 to 5, 1:

Vadilal icecream, I tasted thm yestrday.

literature review of vadilal ice cream

Alert on more product reviews. Apr 04, That’s a very very long way from a hand-cart.

You have been loggedin via facebook. Click here to sign up. As mentioned earlier, the industry players not only face competition from their competitors, but also from other like foods. The factory of Havmor at Ahmedabad manufactures odd vvadilal of ice cream in multiple packing options, thereby swelling raw material inventory, SKUs, and related documentation, recalls Rekha Chona, Director, Havmor Ice Cream.


Surat city is selected to study the Satisfaction of consumer towards Havmor ice-cream.

Innova understood the customer requirements and suggested SAP and even interacted with the local SAP team who in turn studied the project requirements two to three times. Jun 17, Butterscotch rceam had nuts. In fact, he had to begin from a hand-cart at the Ahmedabad Railway Station, churning out the Ice Cream manually. Feb 13, DARE explores the dynamics of the business. And we strive hard to achieve this.

literature review of vadilal ice cream

And the packaging at our plants conforms to international norms. Then comes Family or friends which influence the behavior of buying.

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This arrangement allows for local production and sale of Wall’s Website Official Website products that are popular in its home market, such as the Cornetto cone, and to create local variations on others, such as the Feast Jaljeera Blast. Literature review of vadilal ice cream. Preference of buying Havmor Ice-cream Chart 6: He called this fledgling brand ‘Havmor’ – a neologism for ‘Have More’ – which meant the customer got more value for money, and more taste to relish from his Ice Creams.

The Dairy Cooperatives have helped in ending the exploitation of farmers and demonstrated that when our rural producers benefit, the community and nation benefits as well. Jul 29, Havmor comes with a very innovative offers range so it can be the one of the reason for most desirable characteristic according to the consumers.


We observed that consumers ordered ice creams as a side item or only when they were accompanied by children. Ahmedabad-based chain of ice cream parlours, Havmor Ice Cream, plans to double its presence in India in next one year. Write a Review on Vadilal Flingo.

Literature review of vadilal ice cream

The introduction of the project studied first, it includes conceptual maters of understanding icw consumer satisfaction towards Havmor ice-cream. Sources of knowledge about Havmor Ice-cream Chart 2: These data are less reliable compared to primary data because these literahure may be obsolete with the passing of time and may have bias information. Here, majority of respondents feels the quality of Havmor ice-cream is: Upload menu files with. Another trend that is witnessing a change is the seasonal nature of the industry.

Amore Gourmet Gelato Ice Cream 3. Hello friends,Today im gonna to share my personal experience about vadilal ice cream.

literature review of vadilal ice cream