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Mcgraw Hill, International Edition, Singapore. The specific objectives are: List of Faculties selected for the research work: In , ASUU embarked on further industrial action due to the non-implementation of previous agreements, poor university funding, and disparity in salary, retirement age and non-implementation. This was because there was no longer a close association between wealth and power.

Strikes and Student Achievement. Based on the foregoing, staff union industrial action cannot come and go without leaving any aftermath effect on the educational achievement of the students. Taraba State University TSU has five 5 Faculties as time of this research work from where two 2 faculties were selected by systematic random sampling. Historically, therefore, university employees occupied a relatively high position when compared to their counterparts in other offices in the state civil service. In the long run, they soon forget about academics and are no longer prepared for class activities which negatively affect their learning capability. Thus, the significance of this study lies in its contribution to the body of knowledge as follows:

In this respect, the economic questions in the dispute and its political aspects are hard to separate and the dispute has become increasingly politicized over time. Remember me on this computer. It concluded that failure to resolve and find a lasting solution to the challenges posed by incessant strikes would amount to an evasion of the deeper roots of the problem in Nigeria education. When the budget was announced and this fund did not materialise, negotiations hisotry broke down and inASUU went on strike once more.

literature review on the history of asuu

Click here to sign up. Students should cultivate the habit oiterature studying at home during strike, this will help to improve their performance when strike is called off.

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Strike is seen as Collective organized, cessation or slowdown of work by employees, to force acceptance of their demands by the employer.

This process has been one of long historical development; indeed, one can trace the literafure of salaries and conditions of service back to the immediate post-independence era.


literature review on the history of asuu

I hte also like to thank Dr. Disruptions of academic programme resulting from strike action give students undeserved study year extension. Collective Bargaining of Workers.

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Revieww is no doubt that education is too vital to the survival of any nation that it should be treated as a subject beyond politics or evasive polemics. Log In Sign Up. Labour matters should be handled only in courts Both labour and management to base subsequent negotiation on rule and regulations binding labour matters Proscription of trade unionism in tertiary institution Appointment of industrial arbitration panels in review labour at intervals Constant negotiation and dialogue Government involvement and promotion of health industrial relation Ensuring management involvement efficiency Stiffing all reviea collective bargaining.

The study finds out that disruption in academic program resulting from strike leads to closure of schools for a period of time. This conflict of interests is present in a much wider range of social relationships than the economic conflict of interests between the ruling class and the subject class that Marx identified as the basis to conflict in the society Dahrendorf, Strikes and Student Achievement.

literature review on the history of asuu

Subsequently, the government approached ASUU with the proposition of an informal agreement to stop the strike until more formal negotiations could be completed. In ASUU embarked again on a strike to demand renegotiation of agreements reached inthe reinstatement of over eighty lecturers whose appointment was terminated by Prof.

Josiah Sabo Kente, Hon. Government should develop actions such as organizing meetings and interaction; this will help to check incessant industrial action in educational sector in Nigeria. The necessity for urgency in the implementation of these items was even furthered by the damning report of the Needs Assessment conducted across public universities Federal and State nationwide.

A comparison of the remuneration of the then ruling military class with the university staffers before and literatyre the Udoji recommendation makes the matter clearer: As stated in chapter three.


The study concludes that incessant strikes had hampered basic skill acquisition business education students were supposed to acquire over the years. This is because violating these rules, on either hishory will worsen the soured relationship between ASUU and Government.

Each of them ought to exhibit a give and take relationship during negotiation.

Also, rather than focuses generally on the ASUU disputes since inception inthe study specifically looks as ASUU strikes from to and its consequences on students academic performance. There were series of industrial actions between and based on non-implementation of the above mentioned issues, especially the way the federal government has defined the ASUU dispute politically, by refusing to honour previous agreements and by attempting to change the process or framework of the collective bargaining, which means that the union members should revuew with their University Governing Council as a result of asuuu autonomy approved in University Miscellaneous Provisions Amendment Act Strike, is a work stoppage caused by mass refusal of employees to work.

This finding is given lterature to by Emenyonu who noted that when the institutions of higher learning are shut down for any reason these days, it does not appears as if the students portray any feeling of real sense of loss. Khebiya Sabo Kente, Mrs.

It is obvious that Crow and Crow do not hisfory how best the profit from learning can be measured.

That the ends enumerate and justify the means. Darhendorf argued that important changes have taken place in countries such as Britain and the U. Study the materials carefully and use the information in them to develop your own new copy.