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Assignment submissions will obviously depend on the type of assignment task. What Unit leaders need to do Ensure that students have adequate information about submission arrangements What Programme Leaders need to do Monitor submissions over the year; consider the number of Exceptional Factors claims and academic appeals to ensure that submission arrangements are fair and accessible. The event or circumstance must have happened at the time of assessment. You must provide evidence to support your case. The penalties are more serious if you have been accused of cheating before or if you are a postgraduate student.

There were no reasonable steps you could have taken to prevent these factors. If you have additional evidence, you can submit a new Exceptional Factors form instead of appealing. Home Advice Centre Academic Issues. Tell them you want to Go Green and make your course more sustainable and this is one way they can help. You must appeal within 21 days of the date on the misconduct decision letter by completing an appeals form and submitting it to your Student Hub or to complaintsappeals mmu.

The general rules are:. Manchester Metropolitan University Students’ Union. For example, a long-term health condition or illness that became unexpectedly severe during the assessment period. Guidance for students and staff can be found on the coursework receipting website.

Guidance on setting up different kinds of assessment in Moodle can be found in the Staff Resource Area usual Mmk log in required.

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Contact your Faculty eLearning Support Officer if you need specific guidance. You will be sent a letter explaining that you are being withdrawn and it should include details of how submissin appeal the decision. An academic misconduct decision e. In cases where an extension cannot be given, you will be allowed to resubmit the assignment later in the year, with or without a cap on the marks.


All students registered on the unit would normally submit the assignment on the same date, unless their Personal Learning Plan allows for a different arrangement or they have agreed Exceptional Factors.

Submitting Assignment submissions will obviously depend on the type of assignment task. Manchester Metropolitan University Students’ Union. You only have one week from the date on your withdrawal letter to appeal the decision and you can only do this if you meet certain grounds e.

You must complete and submit an Exceptional Factors EF form before the exam or as near to the day of the exam as possible.

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Come and speak to an Adviser and we can discuss your situation and your options. Assignment submissions will obviously depend on the type of assignment task. A record of the test should be made on an internal moderation form and sent to the Programmes Office.

For most undergrads, your dissertation is perhaps the biggest submission you will make as a student. If the university does not think that you will be able to complete the academic work to pass the year it can withdraw you.

For all the info, keep an eye on our sustainability webpage. Academic Issues We want all students to enjoy their time at MMU and complete their studies successfully.

Academic Issues

The best way to reduce our waste is to not make it in the first place. Come and talk to the Advice Centre if you wish to appeal any decision or if submisaion need help with any part of the process. There mmuu no need for further moderation following the test. If accepted, you will be given chance to sit the exam during the next exam period, with or without a cap on the marks.


You can self plagiarise, which means using parts of an assignment you submitted earlier in the course in a second assignment.

Computer-based marking of summative work should only be used on an institutionally supported system currently Moodle. If you are unhappy with the EF decision or your request is refused, you can submit an academic appeal against it. You must provide independent, professional evidence to support your case.

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Examples of exceptional factors: More specific guidance is provided in the information for each typebut here are some general points: You can be peanlised for: Home Articles You’re my type off paper.

You must complete a withdrawal appeal form and submit it within 7 days of the date of your withdrawal letter to your Mmk Hub or to complaintsappeals mmu.

mmu coursework submission box

This will be with your Head of Department — we may submissjon able to go with you, but we will need plenty of notice in order to attend.