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Must be a Health Professions student with an emphasis in one of the following: This is a good idea, because if you are disqualified for any reason it is better to know right away. Also, be prepared to repeat information included in your application essay personal statement. COT is not boot camp or basic officer training like pilots go through. In other words, the military residents seem to have the exact same range of emotions that I have seen in residents at civilian hospitals.

This is a difficult question to answer, having never been a part of a military or civilian program yet , but I do have some insights from others. New York state has had this law in effect for years under the “Bell Commission”, but when I joined the Air Force, the military was one of the only other “institutions” that had a similar cap on hours. She stressed to all those interested that if they’re going to apply, then they simply need to put the hpsp and effort into it and make sure they comply with all requirements, from college level classes to Navy fitness evaluations. Experienced physicians have told me that the Air Force “doesn’t do that” to their residents, so perhaps none of them were called to duty. Doctors make a lot of specialty pay that is not included as part of the retirement package. This means a significant number of people were disappointed to not get their first choice for residency training.

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This COPY of the contract is just to show you what the language is like and to provide a broad overview of the program. The safest assumption is that you will go directly to reserve duty following your active duty naby. I will never have to budget for my loans while I am a practicing physician. The years during residency either civilian or military apparently do not count toward this requirement either. There was also a short 20 question multiple-choice exam on the COT Operating Instructions, which cover basic rules and regulations of officer training.


An earlier commissioning date will help you down the line as far as pay is concerned, even though the difference will only be a matter of weeks. The true odds of getting a top choice is impossible to know, but the assignments are definitely based on AF need.

After interviewing, I decided that the radiology program statemdnt Wilford Hall in San Antonio, TX would be a great place for me and ranked it as my first choice. How do the AF residencies compare to the civilian ones? This may be the best route to help you decide–if you definitely hpspp one of the civilian schools better, then take the HPSP scholarship. It is a good idea to know the most expensive school you applied to and how much the tuition costs.

From what we ;ersonal told, the chance of someone not being able to do what he or she wants is very slim, but I am skeptical. Don’t put down what you think they might want to hear. Your recruiter will probably mention the red carpet treatment more than once, but be sure to go on a day when this is available. Additionally, I won’t have to enter the military lifestyle for several years even longer with a civilian residencynot that it is such a big deal to wear a uniform.

For example, some hospitals have experienced significant downsizing literally hundreds of beds lostyet still train the same number of residents. This means a significant number of people were disappointed to not get their first choice for residency training. This website is significantly more useful to medical students who have already accepted the scholarship than to applicants simply looking for information another reason for building this web pagebut you may find something helpful if you look around.

This may sound strange now, but after seeing what enlisted members go through you will understand what I mean.

Some military hospitals have combined with one another or outside civilian programs to help maintain the quality of resident training, but whether this is truly effective, I don’t know. Previously, I stated on this website that the resesrve duty is served consecutively with medical school, but I stand corrected. Also be sure to wear sneakers and not sandals or they won’t let you into the physical station.


Sorry–I don’t have a list of disqualifying conditions.

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Others are miserable and resentful that they were stuck in a military hospital for residency. Therefore, I will refrain from giving advice beyond pointing you in the direction of those more qualified to give it: In fact, some physicians do decide to continue on active duty until the reserve commitment is satisfied.

Also, be prepared to repeat information included in your application essay personal statement.

navy hpsp personal statement

As far as paying for medical school, they were willing to help me out and probably could have loaned me half of the cash; I would have swallowed the rest in loans. USUHS students are essentially on active duty as soon as they enter medical school and for the next 7 to who-knows-how-many-years of their lives after that depending on how long their post-grad education is; they all have to do military residencies and may owe more time as I describe above.

For me, this took place over the phone and he went rapid-fire with the questions. You may not get sent anywhere statemetn your “window”, but you will probably get shipped out at some point during your payback and be gone for three to six months.

Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP)

Medical School Admission Requirements: While in residency, you get paid by the program you’re at plus you get a military bonus: During the Gulf War and the more recent war in Iraq some physicians have been called up, so it is definitely a point to keep in mind when signing the contract. Slim, but not zero. If anything, please understand this: