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Both interviews were starkly different, with my 2nd interview being much more math-based. Make sure your sentences are clear and easy to understand. Failing than, find a former Oxford or Cambridge student or someone who has sat the test and been made an offer to read over your answer — they should still be able to give you a good idea of where you can improve and feedback on your communication, structure, arguments and logic and language used. Below is how I structured my personal statement:. This is only applicable to certain courses and universities, so do check if you need to take it!

Summarise the arguments you have made in a sentence. Gather printed materials for independent statement work. The two things I enjoy most about the course are the diversity of the people and of the subject. The general structure of an Oxbridge personal statement including tone, style, content and real examples. Language Typical written communication and essay rules apply here.

Remember to use formal language i.

An ideal discussion to step into during your university economics or philosophy interview. Notify me of new comments via email.

Personal Statement Lab – Oxbridge Applications

Section 1 is the critical thinking component — you have 90 minutes for 50 multiple choice questions. I applied to Trinity College and had 1 interview there with persomal interviewees and a 2nd interview at Keble college. Maths for a Computer Science degree.

oxford e&m personal statement

Working through the Thinking Skills book and practising essays and taking on board feedback! Our Interview Preparation Days help you to understand what the interviewer expects of you and how to perform best at this final hurdle.


oxford e&m personal statement

The lead will also then go through hints and tips of editing and revising personal statements down the line, which most students struggle with. My economics teacher held a mock interview with me which I recorded to see which areas I could improve on.

A personal statement is your opportunity to write about your achievements, passion in the subject and differentiate your application from the others. Most importantly, go into the test relaxed with a good nights sleep and a clear mind.

What makes Oxford different?

oxford e&m personal statement

You are expected to be reasonably well-prepared for your interview. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The workshop lead e& then discuss the importance of introduction of the personal statement.

My first exposure to economics was the book Freakonomics. Oxfkrd are they really? For my economics interview, I answered maths questions for one of the tutors.

As you are limited to 4, characters about 1 A4 pageit is vital that you focus your PS on your achievements and experiences that reflect your passion and interest in the course you are applying for.

Economics and Management – Oxford University Alternative Prospectus

Take a look at the essay questions in past TSA papers and prepare answers for one or two questions from each paper and have an experienced teacher or Oxbridge mentor mark them. The essay topics vary and you will be given a choice out of at least three. Avoid using sentences that are too long — ensure that the reader will be able to read and understand your arguments easily.


I found it useful to read articles in The Economistas well as online, for example on the BBC News website or some newspapers, as they are real life and current examples. Our Personal Statement Lab guides you through how to express yourself in only characters.

Personal Statement Lab

Learn the importance of the Oxbridge Personal Statement at Interviews. Test Mock Choosing A College. If you want to just cut to the chase and practice TSA tests online, click here.

As an interesting book, I read the Bottom Billion by Paul Collier, which brings up lots of concepts about poverty and development, some of which may be studied at A level, such as the poverty trap.

In each paper, you will find that some topics lend themselves to economics more naturally than others. Tim thinks they are. In the second and third years, students must take three compulsory economics and two management courses, and three of their choosing.

My journey applying for Economics & Management at Oxford

Get in touch via the comments form below it may take a minute to load. Below is how I structured my personal statement:.

Here they wanted to see my sequence of thoughts and how I got to a concluding answer.