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What is the total clockwise torque about the What will be the magnitude of the force that tends to cause the cart to accelerate down the incline? The wind, in turn, is blowing due South with a velocity of What would be the total energy of this rocket while orbiting Callisto at an altitude of 4, km? What will be the tension T in the string? What is the angular acceleration of this ball?

From your graph determine the average acceleration of this object as a function of time. A car is sitting at the top of an inclined plane, which is 5. How much impulse has been delivered to the ball by the bat? The diagram to the left shows an occupant of this ride standing suspended next to the exterior wall of this ride. What will be the tension T1 in the tie cable?

May 8, Homework Helper. A box, which has a mass of What will be the linear velocity of someone standing at the equator of homeworm Earth, assuming that the diameter of the Earth is miles? How much impulse was delivered to the car? A disc is accelerated from rest at a rate of 4. What will be the frictional force acting on this crate as it slides up the incline at a constant speed?

The object is then pressed against the spring until it has been compressed a distance of You would like to push a piano, which has a weight of lbs, onto the bed homewor, a truck which has a height of 3. Where along the meterstick could you apply this force in order to generate rotational equilibrium?


What is the physicz energy content of this rocket while orbiting at this altitude?

Physics homework #62

A given machine has an AMA of 4. What will be the velocity of the rifle immediately after the rifle has been fired? What is the height of the telephone pole?

Homeeork much work will be done in compressing this spring? Since all i vectors are in the same direction [parallel to the x axis] they can be added together just like scalars as shown in parts a-d. The driver applies the brakes so as to lock the wheels.

How long will it take for this boat to go meters upstream? How far will this car be from its starting point at the end of the journey? A crate, which has a mass of 8.


How far up the incline will the box slide before it stops? In what direction must you apply force to the string in order to keep the stopper moving in a circular path? A mass of grams is suspended from the Jupiter rotates once on its axis every 10 hours. An infrared sensor system is set up so that two sensors hoework timing when the infrared beam of the first sensor is blocked and then the timer stops when the beam of the second sensor is blocked.


Physics November 18th, How tall is the building?

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What is the gravitational potential energy of the roller coaster while at the top of the hill? What will be the speed of the ball just as it reaches the spring on the ground? What are the units of the slope of this graph?

physics homework #62

A wheel rotates three times. Jupiter rotates once on its axis every 10 hours.

physics homework #62

What is the coefficient of kinetic friction mk between the block of wood and the horizontal surface? What was the gravitational potential energy [relative to the lowest point reached by the swing as it swings back and physcis of the child at the moment she is released? Through what distance must the input force be applied? What is the magnitude of the centripetal force acting on this ball?