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Reteaching 8 2 4 and 3 6 18 4 18 5 1 5 5 Step 3. Box number b Number of apples a 1 3 2 6 3 9 4 12 Step 2: Here is how she evaluated the expression. Lucero need to add when he opens a third bag? These ten-frame worksheets include blank ten-frames.

The number of peaches Paige now has equals the number of peaches she had at the start minus the number she gave to Simon. There are students. Count the parts of the diagram that are shaded and dotted. What You Think 3 7 tens 21 tens 21 tens 1 ten 22 tens Regroup as 2 hundreds and 2 tens. Therefore it is not divisible by 6.

Round his wage to the nearest ten cents.

Problem solving draw a picture and write an equation 9-6

Add comment Cancel reply Your e-mail will not be published. Look Back and Check Is the answer reasonable? He said his answer was The Probkem Hoopsters have won 70 games of the last games they have played.

problem solving draw a picture 9-6 reteaching

Hwong has 39 muffins. About how much will it cost to purchase 48 electronic thermometers? Round the divisor and the dividend. Draw the correct number of counters in each set of double frames.


Problem solving draw a picture 9-6 reteaching

She wants to paint it. Nasser has 5 hours every day between when school ends and when he goes to bed. Rhombus Trapezoid Solvlng measures of three angles of a quadrilateral are given.

Number Sense Use the chart to answer questions 5 through 7. How much did each person get? Sometimes you may have to rename a fraction so you can subtract. Aiko had 8 clear balloons after the party.

Problem solving draw a picture and write an equation | MICOSA

Find the least common denominator of the two fractions. If I convert pints to quarts, there will be a smaller number of quarts than there were pints. If I convert milliliters to liters, there will be a smaller number of liters. List the perimeter of each figure in a table. Area cm2 base 40 cm height? The landscaper can use either design.

problem solving draw a picture 9-6 reteaching

Is this the correct answer? Tell whether each answer is reasonable.

problem solving draw a picture 9-6 reteaching

Percent actually means per hundred. Is 28, mi a reasonable budget mileage amount? Write an equation and solve for the value of the other side. How many notebooks can Miriam buy now? The book has 18 chapters.


Other trees are infested with beetles. Reteaching Drill Bits 0. Write 2 in the hundreds place of the quotient. Method 1 Method 2 1.

Mileage You can estimate differences in a similar way. Since is between 6 80 and 6 90she needs between 80 and 90 pages. Some trees are normal. The number of minutes is equal to the number of pages divided by the rate the pages are printed.