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Euroculture in Groningen is proud of being a founding member of the programme , and of its achievements as Programme of Excellence. University of Groningen Honours College honours program The Honours College will give talented, motivated students the chance to be challenged even more by following Honours programmes and taking part in numerous other activities. Please see more information on Erasmus Mundus grants here: I managed to prove my project management skills with the Eurocompetence experience Read more. Bile salt and cholesterol metabolism in diabetes mellitus type 1.

Registration Registrations must be received by the Faculty of Spatial Sciences by Tuesday 12 March at the latest. Final responsibility for the selection and admission procedure rests with the Admissions Board of the research master in question. Additional application requirements and conditions, as well as extensive information on the application procedure, may be found on our Consortium Website: Michiel van den Bergh University of Amsterdam with his Master thesis: Student profile A Euroculture student is someone who is: I had a great advantage being able to say that I studied in the Netherlands and Japan.

Why is it hard for many people to identify as Europeans? Work okay, but a mission?

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You are not expected to assimilate into a certain way, but rather to bring your own unique experience and background as nourishing elements of discussions. They can also help you find the right institutions and student desks for your problems.

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Choice of degree programme check The degree programme will organize a matching procedure. Denise Kroes Utrecht University won the prize with a thesis entitled: Each student who want to attend the RT at a European partner university submits an individual RT proposal before the 3rd semester, to be approved by the Euroculture Exam Commission. Note that you will be asked to attach the following documents to complete the form: Faculty of Arts Our faculty News.


Places fill up quickly for the programme in some universities: In addition to my course load, I am also the chairperson of the Groningen University Theatre Society. Are you a Dutch student planning to start a Bachelor’s degree programme at the University of Groningen in September? I managed to prove my project management skills with the Eurocompetence experience Read more.

The study has definitely met my expectations: What surprised me most about the Netherlands was that the percentage of English-speaking people seems the same as in the United States.

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Education Bachelor’s degree programmes English Language and Culture. We would study these ideas in classes and we would discuss them afterwards in the coffee break. And lastly, the Masters thesis will be fully explained in a meeting during the first few weeks of your stay here.

A limited number of Erasmus Mundus scholarships are available. Once you get used to this speed, you will not experience that much stress. Articles from Euroculture scholars presented at the IP in Deusto published. Students with a Dutch degree Deadline May 1 Prospective students with a Dutch degree register for the admissions procedure by filling in our online application form.


rug letteren thesis

Interactions between carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in metabolic disorders. Any questions about matching?

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Rik Huizinga of University of Groningen with his thesis: Download the thesis abstract Herta Macht Thesis Prize At the University of Groningen we offer an integrated approach to the English language, literature and culture. Since the IP, the best students papers have been published annually.

Getting grip on glucocorticoid-induced metabolic derangements. Inthe jury decided that a shared first prize was the most appropriate outcome because of the high quality of the shortlisted contenders. In your fourth and final semester, you focus on writing your thesis.

rug letteren thesis

The fact that a selection of our students also have the opportunity to study for a semester in India, Japan, Mexico or the US is also an important asset of the programme.

In your second semester, you go to a new university, where you focus on a particular region or topic. After nine months of living here, Thesiss have certainly fallen for this charming city for so many reasons: