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Asian American Culture , Novel Pages: Four Week Quiz B. But as he spends time away from them, he begins to see the world differently, and that includes the way he sees his family. How did Stephen handle his father’s disloyalty to his mother, and do you feel it was appropriate? When Stephen first hears about his father’s affair, he is appalled. Mansfield’s Utilization of Symbolism and Mood Essay. The different types of obstacles that Sachi had to overcome, leprosy experiences and Japanese honor code, changed her life drastically for the better.

But as the reader learns more about the two men, Matsu is really the one taking care of Kenzo in his own quiet way. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Eight Week Quiz F. How did Sachi and Matsus’ relationship develop over time? He is also very frusturated with his parents and their actions, so he begins to think about his family less and less to get away from that, though Pie is still his favorite. There is always some tension between the Japanese people and Stephen because he is Chinese, but it helps him realize which relationships are important enough to keep.

Yamaguchi still exists because the lepers were shunned from society for so many years that there is no way they can face it again.

Their relationship developed originally because of Sachi’s leprosy, and before that they had little contact. This makes him stronger because he is appreciated but he is unaware of it.


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They were kicked out and looked down upon by people they samurwis and that bond has been broken. How does the backdrop of the war play into Stephen’s relationships with the Japanese people?

samurais garden essay topics

But it was important for Stephen to feel love and to feel the hardships that love could bring, so that he could empathize with what Matsu topicss Sachi felt. Two Week Quiz A. As Matsu says, “Whether you see Keiko-san or not anymore won’t take away from your having known her.

CultureLiterature Subcategory: Overcoming this hurdle in her life caused a great impact in her life, by making her defeat the disease she had been struggling to defeat.

This leaves Matsu feeling guilty.

The Samurai’s Garden Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

The Black Cat Essays. Blame and shame are recurring themes in the novel, although they sometimes are related to honor and loyalty. Your essay sample has been sent. Four Week Quiz A. This makes the title very important to the story. Sachi’s garden, on the other hand, is made completely of stones, she doesn’t want plants or flowers and instead makes patterns out of the stones, which is still beautiful.

Kenzo killed himself gxrden many reasons, many are which implied in the book. The garden that Matsu created is fitting for a samurai, and even when it gets destroyed, he patiently rebuilds it. She was separated from Stephen by smaurais in nationality, and in the back samugais their minds they both knew they could never work out.


samurais garden essay topics

Even though he would naturally be sad, I think he would at peace with himself by learning how Matsu was able to have peace despite his circumstances. Mid-Book Test – Hard. Why do you think Keiko’s roll was important? But Kenzo feels betrayed when he finds out about Sachi and Matsu’s relationship, and ends his life instead of reaching out to Matsu to try to understand. Mansfield’s Utilization of Symbolism and Mood Essay.

The story ends with Stephen on the train home, writing in his journal as he pulls away from Tarumi. Master Harold and the Boys Essay.

Hurdles in Life: Understanding The Samurai’s Garden

Asian American CultureNovel Eszay Did Stephen’s feelings for his family change over time, and if they did, then how? Why does Tsukiyama choose this means of expression for her narrator vs. Eight Week Quiz C. We have received your request for getting a sample.

The Samurai’s Garden Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Why does Matsu’s silence become a reason for Stephen to admire him? Get The Samurai’s Garden from Amazon. Please use examples from the novel. Essy summaries and resources for teaching or studying The Samurai’s Garden.