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So it becomes the cycle time for the entire process. Both are major causes for concern, even more so given the competitor already supplying just-in-time to the Ghent plant. Operation 7 which has a lower cycle time becomes the bottle neck as the process is run for 1 shift only. Write only short discussion and detailed calculation and diagram is not expected as in Q Right now they are not following the JIT method while Volvo has gone for it, In that case to meet the Volvo demands it might have to put a huge pile of raw materials instead if it makes itself a JIT system it could save itself from one of the competitors. To meet the increased demand of Volvo, Sunwind needs to improve its cycle time as well as reduce its manufacturing lead time by reducing its batch size. Get custom essay sample written according to your requirements Urgent 3h delivery guaranteed Order Now.

At the same time the technological aspects of Sunwind are at a ground level, they need to compete with the competitors and have to go for new machinery. How would you interpret the capacity calculations? The present trend in the automobile industry to rely on fewer suppliers can pose problems ahead as Volvo currently depends upon suppliers in contrast to Toyota’s In case of any defects the wastage would be in a small scale 4. Sunwind should build close ties with its supplier and ask them to reduce their delivery lead time. So the batch size does not influence the process cycle time.

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Using this what we can do is to form batches in a way so that each batch gives us 32 varieties of different materials instead of having the same variety in a batch. This requires the analysis of current operations sunwihd making recommendations for change consistent with the Just-in-Time approach. This would also sunsind the inventory levels of Sunwind. As a result there is inventory pile up at workstations with high cycle time. PJPK M16 a dan b.


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There was a tendency to rely on workers to recognize and react to faults. For example if we take Sunwind it has 8 operations with different batch sizes hence by using this it can send the Kanban cards at will according to the lead time to the respective suppliers and they can receive the desired goods right on time and can verify it also accordingly.

For both the plants if we see there is no feasibility to do the JIT supply 4 times a day as the distance is so large that the transportation becomes a problem and even though if pains are taken and the things are meeting the deadline, the efficiency decreases as this will in no way an add on for the current existing process in terms of the ROI Return on Investment. Capacity planning and line balancing are to be used to meet the changed requirement of Volvo plant in Tax ID No Due to this, raw material inventory unnecessarily goes up.

So the batch size does not influence the process cycle time.

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He is convinced that the successful implementation of the Just-in-Time, sequenced delivery of floor lids directly onto Volvo”s series assembly line at its Torslanda plant, only 8 Kilometres away, would guarantee not only the viability of the Save plant but also provide Sunwind with a sorely needed competitive advantage within Sweden”s car trim industry.

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Continuous communication between supplier and vendor enables updation of records on both ends and real time flow of information. Defective materials were rejected by eliminating the problem but no summary statements were available in Sunwind concerning the rejects.

Show few sample calculations.

sunwind ab case study

Literature Review Dissertation chapter: Flores de A a B. For this we need to maintain a minimum Qb Lead Time as products are produced in batches. He also helps in designing ideas to help reducing cost and improve manufacturing processes and managing production schedules for suppliers, materials contractors and other subcontractors.


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sunwind ab case study

Rejection of shipments can be costly and they run the risk of not being able to meet the just in time production schedule.

To meet the increased demand for Volvo Sunwind needs to improve its cycle time as well as reduce its MLT by reducing batch size.

Current status and required elements for adopting JIT in Sunwind: Only operation 6 has a significant set-up time which has to be reduced for going to JIT by enacting machine controls and preparing for changeovers while a job currently in production is still being processed. Knowledge of the production schedules of Volvo in advance will enable Sunwind to request transport and containers in advance so that they arrive just sunwjnd time for loading.

This would help workers to get acquaintance of all the products and also though there is any wastage in a batch the other batch can cover up for it, if a batch has all the products of same kind it would be a problem if caxe is any defect or quality issues. The benefits of implementing JIT for Sunwind would be: Sunwind a B A. Ans In order to avoid the stock outs or overproduction Kanban can be used as a facilitator of JIT system.

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Procedures are not monitored formally and there is a tendency to rely on workers’ ability to recognize and react to glaring faults. This in turn would decrease the big lots there by decreasing the average inventory level.

On the other hand, the production planning department focuses on first four weeks of delivery schedule which was considered firm.