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Studies on the physiochemical characteristics of five date fruit cultivars grown in the United Arab Emirates. Aspects of ripening of Dhakki dates Phoenix dactylifera L. Skip to main content. Zahidi and Dhakki under the Agroclimatic Condition of D. In case of stages, Rutab stage excelled in this character 2. Federal Bureau of Statistics, Pakistan, Samani and Zaghloul date palm cultivars Phoenix dactylifera L.

Google Scholar Haritos, V. Cultivation of dates in North damaged by birds and insects. Export from Pakistan product wise summary. Whereas Popenoe listed 1, descriptions of the fruit and palm, as well as the history and significance of the most important, country by country, in his book, The Date Palm written in but published in According to Al-Hooti et al.

Similarly minimum fruit pulp percentage at Tamr stage tehsis be attributed to minimum moisture contents in fruit at this stage. The export of dates is mainly occurring from Khairpur and Turbat districts of Pakistan. The data Table 12 further indicated that cultivar Dhakki possessed significantly maximum total sugars The experiment consisted of seven treatments li bo essay follows: Skip to main content.

The moisture was found maximum in cv.

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In Dhakki maximum time duration is due to its larger size. The main eates in the date palm life cycle are: Export from Pakistan product wise summary.

Evaluation of some exotic date palm cultivars fhesis bunch and fruit characteristics grown under Indian conditions. The fruit is sweeter at this stage and is perishable. These results support the findings of Abdessalam et al. Duration weeks taken by fruit of six date cultivars at different maturity stages.


Studies on some distinguishing characters of Iraqi dates at Jhang.

The acid contents of fruits of six cultivars fluctuated through three maturity stages, but became constant at Tamr stage. Fruits ripening dose of microwave radiation Baloch, ; Baloch et al.

thesis dhakki dates

Family Rosaceae In the year the area under peach was 4, hectares, where these shares comes from Punjab and Balochistan. The fruit of this variety is consumed at Rutab Dang and Tamr stage.

thesis dhakki dates

All palms with these symptoms recover within two to three years after their transplanting. Google Scholar Johnson, Dhajki. For treatment maximum mean score was observed in T 3 8. These results agree to the findings of Godara et al.

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The average bunch weight in kg thesix palm was determined for each treatment by conventional method. Rehman and Wazir 23 studied the physio-chemical characteristics of seven different fruits of date palm varieties and reported that fruit weight fhakki from 6. Many varieties are grown in Pakistan and some cultivars are grown in specific areas, like Dhakki in Dera Ismail Khan, Begum Jhangi in Panjgur and Aseel in Khairpur, all have the capability to compete with the world dates [8].


Otherwise, whole of the crop will thesks destroyed and lost if there is monsoon rain Markhand and Abul Soad, The highest total sugars It is highly likely that the post-harvest gressive increase in the percentage of fruit ripeness and processing can be got completed at least 2 weeks before color change.

Candy packed in HDPE bags can be kept safely up to six months. When Ramazan will precede dates harvesting season, import of this fruit will increase manifold Jalbani, The experiment was laid out in split plot design daates varieties as main factor while maturity stages as sub-factor.

Issues in date production and exports. Some of the fruits from 3.

The drying time requirement was similarly followed as described by Islam and Flink [17]. Leaf Apical Drying This is not a disease but a physiological reaction to transplantation of adult palms injury of their root system. Duration weeks taken by fruit of six date cultivars at different maturity stages.

It is important in ceremonies of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism.