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Your home institution should be pre-populated and not other choices available in the pull down box. Applications will be forwarded to the schools exactly as they are submitted. They also want to see that you are challenged and are expanding your academic exposure. Skip navigation bar Home Search Site Map. You must indicate the number of years you have lived in Texas. From the drop-down menu, select the year, term and whether or not the credits are reported in semester or quarter hours. No statute or other authority requires that you disclose your social security number, but it is important in the awarding of scholarships and stipends.

The optional essay is an opportunity to provide the admissions committee s with a broader picture of who you are as an applicant. The month of November is when students should begin working on their personal statements. You will also enter any salutations or prefixes associated with your name. The clubs will always be there for you to come back to — GPA repair is much harder to do. Just remember that there are no hard and fast rules about matriculation and MCAT scores.

Admission Requirements

If applicant was home schooled or received a GED; copies of the documentation submitted to your University’s Office of Admission must be provided. The test typically takes between minutes to complete. Application opens at the beginning of May.

tmdsas foreign coursework

Fall, prior to application At the University of Houston, we advise our applicants to start preparing their application materials in the fall semester prior to application. Generally speaking, because there are no hard and fast rules, a competitive applicant has a strong GPA overall and BCPMa strong MCAT, challenging coursework, extra-curricular involvement, consistent volunteer coirsework, and experience in or exposure to the medical field.

Sports, literature, film, music, acting, dancing, hobbies, and any sort of competition all fall in this category. Indicate the Activity Name, start date, end date, city, approximate hours per week, total cumulative hours, country, state and a brief cooursework of the activity.


The Medical College Aptitude Test or MCAT is the standardized, multiple-choice exam that medical school admissions use as a standardized metric to measure student preparation for medical school. If you can, get others excited about your forekgn, get them involved, and then lead them while doing it. TMDSAS makes it easy because the links to forwign websites are found at the bottom of the general pre-reqs page.

For activities after graduation from high school select “After High School”.

Health Professions

It is available in the app store and you will also find it on your AccessUH home page. Your tmdsaa institution should be pre-populated and not other choices available in the pull down box.

Information will be lost if you do not save each page. This explains why there is such a large variety of prerequisite courses needed to apply to medical school.

Under the [Select Timeframe] select “High School” for activities before graduation. Academic clubs will become your anchor when you are in the midst of exams and applications. The alternate pool is not ranked. Only completed applications can be submitted. List any healthcare related community service, volunteer, employment OR shadowing experience you have participated in high school or after graduation from high school to the present.

However, you should know at the very least that the MCAT tests your breadth of knowledge, your ability to solve problems, and your critical thinking skills in a variety of disciplines including the BCPMs biology, genetics, chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, physics, and statistics and the liberal arts: The Texas Coordinating Board for Higher Education determines the procedures for calculating the GPA for students seeking admission to a graduate or professional school in the state of Texas.


I also had the opportunity to meet several wonderful people who would become my peers in the medical community. Please describe your personal characteristics background, talents, skills, etc. Transcripts must be submitted from each school attended even if: It may not be an introductory level course and must be taught by a Biology or Biochemistry department.

Click on [Save] to save the record. By January, you need to have identified your letter writers.

tmdsas foreign coursework

Enter all terms in which you have taken course work at each school listed in the [Colleges Attended] section. List non-academic honors, awards and other recognitions received in high school or after graduation from high school to the present.

Admission Requirements | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

All entries must be made in semester or quarter hours. Should I join a student organization? Medical school has a rigorous course load that will require you to attend multiple lectures, labs, and clinics over the course of a forsign. The best score from the past 5 years from the year of application submission is used in the evaluation process.

The final group of applications would be to the foreign medical schools. The month of November is when students should begin working on their personal statements. If you are not a hmdsas UH student you will not be able to use the online appointment scheduler.

tmdsas foreign coursework