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My Opinion is Fact, Period: Pain, like relativity, distorts time. Trouble is, this constitutes a brand of justice far too alien to our own to be acceptable. We wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, would we? When done right it is controlled death. Both the CIA and the Pentagon deny the allegation. By resorting to torture, we have given legitimacy to every tyrant throughout history.

But sentiment alone means nothing. It rests upon three principles: Torture is not or should not be our way of life. I just retired after 24 years on active duty, I fought on the ground and on the water in both this war and the last one. The scenario you lay out applies to the rules of conventional combat engagement. The use of torture is strategic. Skip to toolbar Sites at Penn State.

Persuasive Essay

No one can ever tell her, “You saved the wrong child. With esszy public defender Jo Ann Oliver at his side, he is told names and shown photographs of suspected terrorists and asked if he knows them. Whether it should be so or not is an interesting philosophical question, but in practice this point is already settled.

waterboarding persuasive essay

They may believe it is so; but that does not make it so. I’d like to digress from my usual analysis of insurgent strategy and tactics to speak out on an issue of grave importance to Small Wars Journal readers. So let’s stop assuming that I don’t know anything about ‘the enemy,’ shall we? Having a politician openly support severe interrogation torture unlike any other politician previously has could lead to even worse government hoop jumping and law breaking than during Geroge W.


According to recently released documents and lawsuits, four detainees — Walid Bin Attash, Suleiman Abdullah Salim, Majid Khan and Gul Rahman — were not strapped to a board for dousing during their brutal interrogations. If the security services want to improve their reputation there is a proven way: I am not saying this is not allowed to influence your decision—one cannot shield oneself from all moral calculus.

The unease that accompanies the discussion comes from elsewhere. This is not my judgment but hers; more accurately, it is an a posteriori inference from the knowledge that she’ll be racked with guilt for the rest of her life.

Pleasing though it may be, this simple answer won’t do. But the question is legitimate, in fact necessary, and the dreaded shift is easy to avoid.

Jamal al-Badawi – The Captain’s Journal. Tucking exceptions into law is courting the same trouble as overfitting a machine learning classifier, ie, loss of generalizing power and diminished appeal to universality.

IFTF: From torture to persuasion

God bless you, too, Ms. Torture is always wrong; Torture must be banned by law unconditionally; Not all torture decisions should be morally codified. However, if you are unwilling or incapable, if you lack the moral prrsuasive, of accepting this responsibility, then you have no business leading the men and women of the US Armed Forces.

In theory, the jurisprudence on war crime should provide the relevant legal authority. It reflects a basic disregard for the law of the United States, the Constitution and basic moral decency. Remember February 26,when they tried the first time? Few would argue that waterboarding Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was worse than shooting him in the head.


waterboarding persuasive essay

And yet, I wonder how many of you would argue that those events were justified. If we wish to empower them with that ability, we should undo all of the laws on the books forbidding such behavior and withdraw from all treaties that do so as well. The watreboarding and vagueness of these new memorandums implemented was all a strategic move by lawyers to keep the CIA and military intelligence out of trouble legally.

Pain, like relativity, distorts time. The torturer will trigger within the subject a survival instinct, in this case the ability to breathe, which makes the victim instantly pliable and ready to comply.

waterboarding persuasive essay

I sympathize with Mr. Waterboarding is torture and torture is wrong and I am against it. Are we all guilty by association of every bad thing done by any member of any group we are a member of? It comes down to this, Mr Evans, either you are a man who condones torture, or you are not. And it was only long because Mr. Waterboarding is Torture – Interact. With that, I think I will bow out of this debate for a little while, and let the rest of you sort it out.

There is no honor here.