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Starting out or developing a new project or service When you want to expand or make changes to an existing project or service When your circumstances changes e. Background to organisation An overview of the proposed scheme or project Why the scheme is needed Why your organisation? Over the coming months we will be expanding the range of courses available for learners to access. For most organisations thinking long-term or strategically enables staff, management and trustees the chance to stand back from day to day activities, look at their achievements and set objectives and plans for the future. Key elements that should be considered are:.

Suggested headings for a business plan submitted to a potential funder: Key elements that should be considered are:. Planning for the long-term can seek to secure an organisation’s future and is the first step towards sustainable funding. One way of achieving this is to develop some realistic objectives and targets, capture the strategy in some kind of written document and think about the resources required to deliver the plan. In a three-year business plan, the first year will be detailed and fixed, the second year will be reviewed and amended upon completion of the first year, and the third year plan will set out general direction.

Many organisations use a three-year business cycle to ensure that all activities fit with their objectives.

Helping to build relationships Getting everyone who has an interest in the organisation involved in the planning process provides an opportunity for key stakeholders to get to know each other, make their views heard and help review your objectives and plans together. Every voluntary and community organisation, whatever their size, can benefit from effective planning and management.

Key elements that should be considered are:.

wcva business plan

Courses are grouped into six distinct areas with subjects including bid writing, tendering, business planning, fundraising and action learning to name but a few. They should always plab sufficient information proportionate to what is required, for example a proposal to potential funder. Business plans tend to adopt much shorter timeframes than strategic plans, typically medium-term covering years.

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The businness and depth of a fundraising strategy will depend on the particular activity. Planning and thinking strategically can help you achieve this by prioritising your work and helping to deliver those tasks and activities that are essential to your cause Whatever the size or scope of the fundraising strategy, you need to ensure it “fits” with the wider organisational plan. A business plan should be easy and interesting to read, so avoid excessive detail or length Ensure the plan meets the needs of its users and key stakeholders One person should write the plan to ensure consistency of style Although the executive summary is at the beginning of the plan, it should be written last Do not leave any apparent questions unanswered plqn state any unsupported conclusions.

Motivate your staff Thinking strategically or long-term provides the opportunity to look back at past successes and celebrate what you do well. Planning for the long-term can seek to secure an organisation’s future and is the first step towards sustainable funding. What are business plans for?

It will certainly give you an advantage when applying for funding or generating other income streams. Running things on a day to day basis takes up most of your time and you assume that everyone in your organisation understands what you do and where you want to go. The following outline plan can be tailored to suit its purpose.

Planning will help your organisation set a direction for the future and how best to get there. Help organisations to define their objectives and targets in detail Encourage them to gather fresh knowledge about their service users Provide a detailed blueprint businwss developing projects and activities, and the means to monitor progress Provide valuable written information about your work and objectives for new staff, volunteers and trustees, and for external partners Help to promote your activities with certain groups in the community – e.

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It also forces you to test the likely sustainability of your future plans with hard financial evidence and devise appropriate risk management methods to deal with them.


What online learning offers Provides access to materials and learning resources 24 hours a day, seven days a week Learning can be self-paced and therefore gives you the chance to work through the course when it suits you Keep in touch with other learners through password protected forums or news postings Get instant feedback from tests, quizzes and from your trainer Keep learners interested before, after and between courses with interactive activities Learners with little or not ICT experience can learn a new skill Can be used in conjunction with face-to-face learning to offer a blended learning approach.

wcva business plan

Every voluntary and community organisation can benefit from a written business plan which sets out the direction and planned performance of an organisation. About The Learning Zone provides the Welsh third sector with the ability to connect and learn online on a whole range of topics. They would dearly love to be more proactive in their work and create a sustainable future for their beneficiaries.

Outline for a business plan. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Good busienss business plans can:. Plans should not be lengthy or complicated but succinct and easy to understand. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. For example, a three year fundraising strategy will look quite different to fundraising businezs a one-off, single event.

Be clear about what your organisation is trying to achieve and how it will do so. In this instance the outline plan is for raising funds and has a strong emphasis on finance and cash flow.

wcva business plan

It usually details the steps required to achieve the organisation’s mission or strategy.