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They get a couple lines of dialogue about it, until Chad interrupts them. Gabriella slips upon a spilled container of milk, and her nachos go flying This results in the following caption; Game Day. Sharpay’s reactions really sell it. Troy loudly and proudly proclaiming the exclamation point that he has on his shirt.

The part of the Spring Musical medley where Rocketman comes out on stage when Sharpay gets to his part and he comes out in the most ridiculous getup he could cobble together and starts singing with her. This results in the following caption; Game Day. I love it when you speak German. What should I do with my hair? Troy and Sharpay’s rehearsal of “You’re the Music in Me”.

Au revoir, mon ami. I love it when you speak German. Alright, if Troy wants to be a singer, then I’m coming clean.

Zac Efron's 'High School Musical' parody was the hit of 'SNL'! – Screener

The boys initial lines towards going to the proms in contrast to the girls. Troy reprised by Zac Efron returns to give a graduation speech that brutally deconstructs the premise of the movies.

You need to login to do this. From the first movie – the basketball team’s shirt message for the Drama Club. It’s the night of our dreams Guy: Zac Efron hosted “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, and if you were one of the few who didn’t fall asleep or change the channel during the terrible Gilly sketch, you caught a smart, angry and subversive send-up of the “High Efrom Musical” series.


Instead of being surprised by it, Troy is hraduation excited about it and asks what it is that Zeke’s going to be baking.

High School Musical / Funny – TV Tropes

In the first film, Chad wears a shirt proclaiming ” I come with my own background music. Zac Efron was in a sketch that speecb Walt Disney, the founder of the company that made him a superstar, as an anti-Semite.

Miss Darbus calls this performance, “very disturbing”, and advises the weird kids to see the counselor. The music video speexh it, played during commercials at the time, only increases the funny factor. I just hope for his career’s sake that “17 Again” is a runaway hit, because I’m not so sure Disney’s going to want to hire him again. With a loud scream.

Zac Efron’s ‘High School Musical’ parody was the hit of ‘SNL’!

Kelsi’s completely confused, Ryan looks like he is in disbelief. In any case, the sketch gave me a newfound respect for Graduationn Efron, who might be the biggest badass on the planet right now. How does Sharpay respond? Plus, Ryan in particular.

zac efron graduation speech snl

I love to pop and lock and jam and break! It’s a dramatic and angst-ridden solo dance number about facing up to your mistakes and confronting the problems in life, taking place entirely on a luxury golf course.


zac efron graduation speech snl

He made it himself. Moves his hand back and forth Mongo: It’s the night of our Nightmare Girls: Most of the first movie comes off as Ham-to-Ham Combat.

zac efron graduation speech snl

Sharpay’s reactions really sell it. So is Zac done with Disney forever? Dude, I don’t think we have the choice. You’ve been there an hour man!

Get Known if you don’t have an account. The facial expressions during that scene.

After Gabriella laments that she can’t have people staring at her spefch the callbacks, everyone starts singing again: The sketch touched on all the cartoony aspects of the popular flicks: Tiara is about to traduation to the real heart of her song, when Sharpay, umbrella in tow, comes down from the ceiling on a swing and usurps the song, showing an amateur how it’s really done.

What did you think of Zac’s send-up of “High School Musical”? Troy’s moves during that song go really well with “Let It Go.